Stylish Storage this Spring

Experts tell us that February is a time to de-clutter ready for Spring, when thoughts start to turn to refurbishment and renewal. Now, we would hate to suggest that any of our customers have any clutter. You have an expertly-chosen capsule wardrobe of designer fashions, and a home resplendent with carefully-selected accessories. Don’t you? The truth is that many of us have a more secret collection of impulse buys and ill-advised purchases that we have put to the back of the cupboards, never to see the light of day. Or we have things that we have loved but they have now outlived their useful life. Well, if we want to indulge in the new season’s fashions, furniture or folderols, we are going to have to clear them out – or, better still, find the number of a professional de-clutterer who will do the job thoroughly and ruthlessly.




Whenever we at Juliettes undertake this task, satisfying as it is, we always feel the need to update not only the clothes in our wardrobes but the wardrobes themselves. And the chest of drawers. And the ottoman. In fact, why stop there? If we’re talking about stylish storage, what about the rest of the house? All those new purchases we are about to make to herald in the Spring surely deserve a fresh, new home? A sleek new sideboard, bold cabinets or a distinctive dresser? Even the storage in your study could do with a spruce up. So, maybe February isn’t just a time to de-clutter, it’s a time to set ourselves up for a whole new look and the year to come.

Luxury Wardrobes & Armoires

It’s important to consider what will be housed in your new luxury wardrobe. You don’t want your fabulous new creations squashed into a space that is too small. Your wardrobe needs to do your gorgeous clothes justice, so take some time to think about what space you need inside. Do you have long dresses that need a high rail? Would your shirt collection be better with double rails? Do you need drawers inside your luxury wardrobe or are you looking exclusively for hanging space? We always recommend choosing the widest and tallest wardrobe you can fit into the space you have. Nobody has ever complained that they have too much space in a wardrobe, or that their clothes are rattling around in there. Extra width means your clothes can be hung without creasing or crushing. Extra height gives you space either above or below your clothes for all those shoes, bags, hats (and this year’s unfortunate impulse buys). And don’t forget your guests. A guest wardrobe may be used infrequently but it needs to be versatile enough to match the needs of all your various visitors. Our design team are always on hand to help you plan your wardrobe’s interior and would be delighted to advise on styles, colours, finishes and bespoke options. Just give them a call.







Designer Chest of Drawers

A designer chest of drawers is a must-have in every bedroom. If you have the space, always go for his and hers drawers so that you can both organise your belongings in a way that suits you. Only you will know whether you need the drawers to be wide, narrow, deep or shallow – or an assortment of sizes for a whole range of clothes and accessories. Again, planning is essential to make sure you choose the chest of drawers that’s just right for you. Of course, a luxury chest of drawers is not confined to the bedroom. Every room needs storage, and the more beautiful the better. Living room, library, dining room or den – wherever you have anything that needs to be put away neatly, you need a chest of drawers. Our styles range from the traditional and classic to the gorgeously flamboyant or the sleekest, contemporary lines. Each luxury chest of drawers can be customised, with a superb choice of woods, veneers, lacquers, colours and finishes. Whatever your décor, we can help you create the perfect and unique chest of drawers for your interior.






Luxury Ottomans

An ottoman is, surely, the ultimate in storage solutions? We can’t imagine living without one. It is the perfect place for all those things you don’t use every day but need to have to hand from time to time. Winter throws and duvets, spare bed linen, or keepsakes and mementoes. Originally used as blanket boxes, they tend to live at the end of a bed, and run the risk of being an afterthought. With so many exclusive designs available, and all of them customisable, make sure your luxury ottoman is an integral part of your room design. If you are not sure how to incorporate an ottoman into your interior design, our design team are only a quick call away and would be delighted to help.






Luxury Sideboards & Buffets

Moving away from the bedroom, our living and dining rooms also need storage. Where else will you keep your stunning new Hermes tableware? Or your vintage Monopoly set? Anyone with a family and a busy life knows how important storage is; A place for everything and everything in its place (as your grandmother probably said). A luxury sideboard or buffet is the perfect solution. Stunning in its own right, a sideboard gives you an eye-catching piece of luxury furniture, with the added benefit of extra storage and an expansive top to display vases, flowers, ornaments and trinkets. No dining room is complete without one. At Juliettes, we have luxury sideboards to suit all interiors, with flawless lacquers and hand-stitched leathers, gold or silver leaf finishes, hand-carved woods and spectacular veneers. If you are looking for storage with style, make sure you explore all our luxury sideboards and buffets to find your perfect fit.






Designer Cabinets and Dressers

The ultimate in opulent designer furniture. This is where to keep those precious items out of reach but on display. Glassware, designer tableware or your collection of niche gins. These are all things that deserve to be the centre of attention, not hidden away. If you have beautiful belongings (and we know you do) a luxury cabinet, cocktail cabinet or dresser has to be on your wish list. Not only do we have an astonishing array of styles, but bear in mind that each one can be customised to create something unique to you. So choose embossed leathers, soft nubuck or immaculate lacquers. Change the colour, the finish or the veneer. Talk to our designers about the mind-boggling choice of options available and make that luxury sideboard your own.








Designer Desks

In all this frenzy of de-cluttering, make sure you don’t overlook the study. Whether you work full time from home or just pop in there to tackle the odd bit of paperwork, a clear, uncluttered office is an absolute must – after all, a tidy space means a tidy mind, as they say. As well as our extensive ranges of luxury cabinets, dressers, sideboards and buffets – any of which would provide stylish and useful storage in your study or home office – we also have a fabulous choice of designer desks to shake up your workspace. We can’t promise that they will make every working day a source of joy, but they could certainly make your study serene, tidy and beautiful to look at. As you would expect, our exclusive designs cover all styles, from traditional to ultra modern and everything in between. Browse our entire range of luxury desks to find the perfect one to match your décor. Or why not choose a designer desk as your starting point and work the rest of the room around it? Whichever way you approach it, remember our designers are just a phone call away, and they are always delighted to share their knowledge and expertise.






Well, we’re off to don the rubber gloves and clear the decks. Seriously? I think not! So, if anyone out there knows of a good de-clutterer, do let us know.

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