The most enticing bed frames to upgrade your bedroom

An enticing bed frame is the pillar of a well-designed bedroom. The bed is undoubtedly the cornerstone of bedroom furniture.

Choosing the right bed for your bedroom is a very personal decision. Therefore, you should do plenty of research to make sure you settle on one you are going to love.

There are many different bed frame styles and we understand that you can easily get lost when trying to find the perfect fit for you.

A few weeks ago we showed you how to design a boutique hotel-style bedroom, where we touched on the importance of a quality frame.

Whether you love a sleek design or an opulent rococo piece, a great bed not only makes you feel you just checked into a boutique hotel but allows for additional storage, creating the impression of a larger space whilst bringing extra character to your bedroom.

Your choice should factor in how you want the space to function. Do you want a squishy headboard for reading sessions? Do you want it to add wow factor to the space? Or perhaps serve as a space for additional storage in your room? Whatever style you are looking for, our hand-picked edit of enticing bed frames will help to guide you to your choice.

We are well aware that the bed is your oasis of comfort, which is why we have luxury beds, handcrafted for supreme relaxation. All of our beds are made from the finest quality materials by expert craftsmen to give you plenty of peaceful rest. And because each person has different needs, we offer customisable options on our bed range.

It’s important to have a home, and especially a bedroom, that you love to spend time in and that accurately reflects your taste. For this reason, we strongly advise choosing a bed with a style and design that is very much a reflection of your own personality and character.

Keep on reading and discover how to spruce up your bedroom decor, with our pick of the most enticing bed frames.

Upholstered Beds

An upholstered bed can instantly add warmth to your room and make the space more inviting. Our upholstered beds effortlessly combine style and comfort to create a fantastic focal point for your bedroom. From sumptuous velvet options to ottoman beds, you will find both contemporary and traditional designs.

One of our current favourites is the Contemporary Curved Upholstered bed. A remarkable wooden structure, sumptuously padded in various densities for the ultimate in style and comfort, this centrepiece is beautifully upholstered in the finest rich green textured luxury fabric.

Divan Beds

There is a reason why divan beds are so popular. Their functionality makes them ideal for almost every home, providing a great storage solution. The base itself is sturdy, allowing it to provide great support for any mattress.

Divan beds can either have drawers on the sides or a lift-up mechanism that gives you full access to storage in the divan itself. If your bedroom is small, divan beds are practical, whilst being able to efficiently optimise the space.

Ottoman Beds

Compared to Divan Beds, the structure of ottoman under-beds is completely free for storage. They are particularly handy if you only need access to any stored items once or twice a year.

For more frequent storage access, we recommend a storage bed with drawers as they are more practical. Ottoman Beds are great if you are looking to minimise space and maximise storage.

Four Poster Beds

Four Poster Beds make a real statement in any interior and create a serene bedroom sanctuary. Originally designed with a protective canopy to keep insects out and warmth in, these beds are not a style of the past.

Contemporary Four Poster Beds create drama in modern bedrooms. From sleek metals to romantic carved woodworks, you can find plenty of styles to suit your bedroom decor.

A luxury bed needs a luxury mattress

Since the purpose of a bedroom is to act as the space where you rest and unwind, a premium quality mattress is a must. Therefore, a top-notch mattress is the core of a luxury bedroom. If you love drifting off into a deep sleep on vacation, then you should treat yourself to the same pleasure at home.

Investing in a premium mattress means investing in better sleep. Our top pick is The Trance Mattress By Juliettes Interiors. Exclusively handmade in the UK, this wonderful mattress comes with a 25-year guarantee and is available in three different comfort levels. If you love good sleep, learn more about this mattress here.

Be the designer of your own bedroom

If you want to design your bedroom – or any other room in your home – but don’t know where to start, we’ve got you. Hailed as “one of the best online design courses” by Livingetc, our Online Interior Design Course is back this September, so sign up now to avoid missing out!

With a small classroom, live interactive lessons, a specialist interior designer lecturer and a five-star rating, our course will give you the tools to manage your own design project at each stage from concept all the way to installation. You can check the modules in detail here, or get in touch directly if you have any questions. Places are very limited, so book your place now to avoid disappointment. We hope to see you there.

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  1. Nice article! I recently updated my bed frame and it’s made a huge difference in the entire feel of my bedroom! I live in a small house so I chose the divan style which has given me so much extra storage, plus it’s easy to lift up and access whenever I need to.

    1. Thank you for the feedback Blake, we are glad you enjoyed the article! Nice to hear about your recent bedroom update, we often suggest divan-style beds for small spaces.
      All the best,

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