How to design a boutique hotel-style bedroom

This week, we will show you how to design a boutique hotel-style bedroom for your home. Thanks to this luxury bedroom guide, you will feel like you are on a luxury vacation every night.

Many of us wish we could settle into the luxury of a hotel stay forever. However, there are plenty of ways to replicate the ambiance of a luxe bedroom back home too. It’s not surprising that so many of us look to achieve the ‘boutique hotel-style bedroom’ when renovating our homes.

Given that we spend a third of our lives in bed, it’s worth re-designing or re- decorating your bedroom to be able to maintain high-quality rest at home. Creating a luxury bedroom involves selecting elements and materials that elevate not only the space, but also the experience. Soft, luxurious fabrics, textures, surfaces, clever storage and lighting all play a major role in the ‘luxurification’ of your bedroom.

Below, we list the best luxury bedroom ideas to help you create a luxurious boutique hotel-style bedroom of your own.

A luxury mattress is the core of a luxury bedroom

Since the purpose of a bedroom is to act as the space where you rest and unwind, a premium quality mattress is a must. Therefore, a top-notch mattress is the core of a luxury bedroom.

If you love drifting off into a deep sleep on vacation, then you should treat yourself to the same pleasure at home.

Investing in a great mattress means investing in better sleep. Our top pick is The Trance Mattress By Juliettes Interiors. Exclusively handmade in the UK, this wonderful mattress comes with a 25-year guarantee and is available in three different comfort levels. If you love love a good sleep, learn more about this mattress here.

Focus on the bed

The bed should be the focal point of any luxury boutique hotel-style bedroom. We recommend a large bed and headboard even if the space is small. Choose the largest headboard the space can handle to achieve that “wow” factor and accomplish the ultimate boutique hotel feel. We know that when we walk into opulent hotel rooms, the bigger the bed is, the more impactful it becomes.

The Italian Designer Art Deco Inspired Upholstered Bed with Tall Headboard is absolutely perfect from head to toe. A fabulous Art Deco style headboard features a ribbed frame in a lacquered finish, complete with antique gold piping.

Bedside tables don’t have to match, yet they should if you want to get more of that hotel feel. Symmetry seems to be a popular feature in luxury hotels and we also believe that synergising colours adds an extra layer of sophisticated to a scheme.

Incorporate seating areas

Incorporating seating areas into a boutique hotel-style bedroom is almost a must. Space permitting, occasional chairs and small tables are a wonderful way to add an extra touch of flair into a room.

Another option is to add a bench at the end of the bed, preferably without storage, to ensure that the scheme sophisticated and elegant.

Be the designer of your own bedroom

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Layer different types of lighting

Lighting is extremely important if you want to give your bedroom to feel like a luxury, boutique-style hotel room.

Luxury hotels are meticulously designed with a keen focus on ambience, mood and atmosphere that is often achieved through a masterfully layered lighting scheme.

Whether it is soft, ambient lighting on each side of the bed or a sculptural chandelier in the middle of the room, consider your choices thoroughly. Don’t be afraid to combine multiple lighting styles together, whilst taking into account aesthetic and functionality. For instance, you might want to consider bedside table lamps as well as statement lights to achieve an elevated look and feel in the room.

Add a small desk

If space allows, a small desk will really recreate the luxury look that we adore after checking into hotel rooms.

If you are worried that you don’t really need a workspace in the bedroom, then you should consider a more transitional piece, such as a dressing table. The great thing about dressing tables is that you can find a myriad of styles and sizes to best fit your bedroom scheme.

Embellish the walls

A luxury hotel-style room is not complete without (at least one) mirror or a set of mirrors. You can choose either a statement piece or mirrors on both sides of the bed to enlarge the space.

In addition, you could include some artwork to create additional focal points in the room. From abstract art to modern prints, your space will look more curated with some art pieces. Et voilà! You now know how to design a beautiful boutique hotel-style bedroom in your own home.

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