View Our New Showroom Displays

We have been busy over the past few months updating and refreshing our showroom displays in Chelsea to bring you yet more beautifully designed room settings for both contemporary/modern and the traditional classic designs. Each room is laid out as if within your own home – bringing together lighting, home accessories and furniture cleverly co-ordinated, offering not just luxury and glamour but comfortable and pleasing room settings demonstrating the skills of our interior designers and how they can turn your home into something to be admired.

If it’s inspiration you’re looking for – whether you’re an interior designer or private client – you will find many ideas working in harmony within our room settings. Some rooms are purely contemporary and some purely classical. We also love to mix and match our items – by mixing up both styles you will see examples of pieces highlighted within its setting, standing out as iconic pieces.

Juliettes Interiors customers not only receive a first-class service when visiting our showroom but also have the advantage of discussing their ideas and concepts with our interior designers without obligation. Let us inspire you, or let you inspire us – either way we work together as a team to bring the final best results. Or maybe you can’t find what you need – our sourcing skills are advanced enough to find or produce an individual item, or even realise entire projects for both domestic private or commercial clients.

New Showroom Displays

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