Water Takes Centre Stage Part II – The Finest Water Deserves the Finest Glassware

Water Takes Centre Stage Part II

If you are serving the world’s best-tasting waters, you and your guests need flawless glassware to do them justice. A thick, chunky tumbler simply will not do. The Fine Water Society even has its own unique glass, specially designed for their Water Tasting events.

Here in London, The WaterCrystal company describes itself as a ‘Luxury For A Purpose’ brand, designing stunning glassware, hand-crafted by master artisans. The Bilauri Deluxe Crystal Collection is a pair of immaculately-presented glasses – For Him and For Her. Beautiful to look at and compelling to hold, they also positively contribute to water solutions and environmental projects worldwide, with 20% of the sale of each set going to water conservation, energy efficiency and rainforest protection projects.

These glorious glasses will be available from the Juliettes Interiors showroom in London later in the summer and can be ordered as a pair in a beautiful Droplet Case, in any combination of For Him or For Her.


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