An Oscar-Nominated Chaise Longue

The Oscars are nearly upon us for 2019. With only 4 days to go, we’ve been thinking long and hard about the type of designer furniture some of the actors and characters might choose. Well, this is a luxury furniture website, what would you expect? In our opinion, nothing says Hollywood stardom quite like a delicious chaise longue. We love a chaise longue here at Juliettes, whether it’s classic or contemporary. A luxury chaise longue is elegant and opulent with a touch of star quality – much like this year’s red carpet contenders.

The Favourite

10 Nominations including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress

Set in Kensington Palace during the reign of Queen Anne, the sets and costumes in this film are lavish, extravagant and divine. If you didn’t get enough of them during the film, the costumes are on display at Kensington Palace but only until 10 March so you’ll need to get your skates on. We don’t know whether Queen Anne herself had a chaise longue but they were popular at the time. Having spent her early years in France, she would have certainly have been familiar with the idea of a chaise. Any chaise longue at Kensington Palace or Hampton Court may well have been upholstered in the finest damasks, similar to the exquisite pieces in the film.


chaise longue, Louis XV


The chaise longue we have chosen for Queen Anne is this fabulous Louis XV ivory chaise. Admittedly, Louis was a little later than Anne, but we think she would have loved its elegant curves, scrolls, its regal champagne finish and the decadent sheen of its damask upholstery. Who wouldn’t feel like a queen reclining on this beautiful chaise longue?


extravagant 4 poster bed, chaise longue


More Than Just a Chaise Longue

In case you wanted to re-create the whole Queen Anne experience, why stop at just a chaise longue? We also have the most fantastic bed, not dissimilar to the one in the film. And if you need somewhere to sit while your lady’s maid helps you put on your riding boots (you need to see the film), we have the bench too. In fact, we have a huge selection for you to choose from. Okay, we admit, the opportunity to showcase this unbelievably extravagant bed was just too good to miss. You can buy just the bed or we can supply it fully styled with all the linens and cushions as shown in the picture. We know which we’d go for.


ivory, button upholstered bedroom bench, chaise longue


Olivia Colman

Nominated for the Best Actress award for her role as Queen Anne in The Favourite, Olivia Colman is definitely our favourite for the award (and no, that is not a pun, she really is). Despite all her recent successes, Olivia doesn’t seek out the limelight and keeps her private life to herself. She admits that she is at her most comfortable curled up at home with her husband and children. So, what sort of luxury chaise longue do we think would suit her best? Maybe we shouldn’t be looking at a traditional chaise at all. You would never get everyone on there.


linen modular chaise style corner sofa, mustard yellow, chaise longue


So how about a comfy, oversized sofa with an extended, chaise end? Family-friendly and gorgeous to look at, we have two options here; a mustard linen modular sofa with a superbly comfy chaise at 90 degrees, forming a corner sofa. We also love this striking red version, showing an alternative chaise configuration. Olivia, if you’re reading this, are we on the right track? With a whole range of modules, colours and fabrics, you can create your own design with enough seating for family, friends and assorted Hollywood stars. She must have quite a few of those popping round these days.


linen modular chaise style sofa, red, chaise longue


Rachel Weisz

Nominated for Best Supporting Actress in The Favourite, Rachel Weisz is no stranger to the red carpet, with a host of awards and nominations under her belt. A Cambridge graduate, she is married to James Bond actor Daniel Craig. We always think of Rachel as cultured, elegant and sophisticated. As such, we would recommend a chaise longue that is similarly sleek and ageless. Rather than a traditional chaise longue, we have chosen this sleek, black velvet day bed. Its smooth lines and timeless black upholstery are offset by a gorgeous, polished brass base and interlaced velvet and brass panels at head and foot. With the recent arrival of a new baby daughter, what better place for Rachel to spend a little me-time at the end of the day. Assuming she has any me-time at all.


black velvet day bed, chaise longue


Emma Stone

Nominated alongside Rachel Weisz for her role as the scheming Lady Abigail Masham in The Favourite, Emma says she had to undertake etiquette training. This involved learning how to curtsey, hold a fan and to sit and stand like a ‘proper lady’. We wonder whether that included rules on the best way to recline on a chaise longue? The spectacular dresses in the film may have made this tricky but Emma’s own effortless fashion style shouldn’t pose a problem. Many of her roles have been quirky, beautiful, strong women. We think this stunning contemporary chaise longue encompasses all three qualities in abundance. Shown here in a rich blue nubuck, high gloss, black lacquered legs, and glides in a soft, matt gold finish, Emma may well prefer to choose her own fabrics, colours and finishes to add a splash of colour or to blend seamlessly into its surroundings. However she might choose to style it, this chaise longue would take pride of place in any Hollywood mansion with its striking good looks and quirky personality.


chaise longue, rich blue nubuck, contemporary


Bohemian Rhapsody

Nominated for Best Picture, this thoughtful and evocative film shows the story of the iconic Queen (the band, not the monarch). We thought we would try to choose the perfect, luxury chaise longue for the wonderfully flamboyant Freddie Mercury. We started looking at equally flamboyant chaises, only to realise that his taste in luxury furniture was far more traditional than we would ever have thought. Freddie surrounded himself with an eclectic collection of lovely antique furniture and a fabulous grand piano, where he spent much of his time. Although he was known for his extravagant parties, his home was still his sanctuary. A calming space away from the public eye. So, what sort of chaise longue do we think he might have chosen? Well, we have gone for something understated in a calming shade of taupe, in luxurious velvet with traditional, deep buttoning on the back. We couldn’t resist a touch of fun, however, with these sinuous curves and heart-shaped back. Can’t you just imagine Freddie, in 1970s black catsuit, reclining on this lovely chaise longue? We can.


curved, button upholstered chaise longue, taupe velvet



Another film nominated for Best Picture, Roma centres around the unravelling lives of live-in maid Cleo (played by Yalitza Aparicio – also nominated for Best Actress) and her employer Sofia. Set against a backdrop of a volatile and politically-unstable Mexico in 1970, the title refers to the city’s Colonia Roma district. Distinguished by its ornate, fin-de-siècle mansions with their intricate balconies, it was once a desirable neighbourhood for wealthy Europeans. By 1970, however, its beauty was beginning to fade. Now, we don’t think Cleo would have had much time or opportunity to relax on a chaise longue. There is a wonderful scene in the film where, amidst lines of laundry, she lies back on the flat roof looking up longingly at the sky. Although the film is shot in a stark black and white, the contrasts still evoke a colourful, vibrant city. So, what type of chaise longue do we think the lady of the house might have enjoyed? This is Mexico. It’s 1970. We couldn’t go for subtle or understated. So, we’ve plumped for lime green, striking and shapely. It’s not authentic or historically accurate but we love it. And we think Cleo would have done too, given half a chance.


modern lime green, curved, chaise longue, velvet


Lady Gaga

Nominated for Best Actress, Lady Gaga stars as an upcoming talent in A Star is Born (also nominated for Best Picture). Sadly, we haven’t seen this one yet but we have seen a lot of Lady Gaga over the years. Again, we thought of her outgoing personality and often outrageous taste in clothes. Having delved further, however, it turns out that her interior décor is calming and subtle. She seems to go for a palette of warm neutrals with natural woods, linens and leathers. So, rather than anything loud or bright, we think she might prefer this simple but striking, ivory-coloured chaise longue. We’re not sure whether the practicality of storage beneath the seat would appeal but it’s an added bonus nonetheless. As an item of luxury furniture, upholstered in the finest of fabrics, we wouldn’t recommend getting a meat dress anywhere near this chaise longue (but we suspect that dress didn’t hang around for long anyway). It’s the perfect place to relax after a gruelling evening of red carpets, applause and partying. Wonder what she’ll be wearing this year.


modern storage chaise longue, stone colour


Mary Poppins

Our final nomination for this year (well, we couldn’t manage every single Oscar category), Mary Poppins Returns has a nomination for Best Original Song with The Place Where Lost Things Go. We simply couldn’t resist choosing a chaise longue for everyone’s favourite nanny. Opinion was divided here at Juliettes but we finally came down on the side of something that harks back to an age of elegance, politeness and good manners – this supercalafragilistic, powder blue, luxury chaise longue. We can just see Mary Poppins after a hard day of underwater adventures, street dancing and spine-tingling lullabies, popping her feet up with a quick cup of tea. And the best thing about this chaise? She can always tuck it away inside her magic carpet bag. Practically perfect!


italian, powder blue, classic chaise longue


Your Perfect Chaise Longue

Which would be your practically perfect chaise longue? Here at Juliettes Interiors we have a great selection of some of the world’s finest chaises longues, chaise lounges, day beds and chaise sofas (call them what you will). From the ornate motifs of Queen Anne to sleek Art Deco styling; from classic to contemporary; from subtle and neutral to bold and colourful, there’s something here for everyone. Or would you rather choose something for your favourite Oscar nominee? Which do you think they would love? Let us know. Unfortunately, we have no shiny little statue to offer – but please don’t let that stop you.


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