Autumn Accessories For Your Interiors

Autumn always makes us think of rich, russet colours, crunching through piles of golden leaves and coming home to a roaring log fire. It’s a time for warmth and comfort, not only in terms of fashion but also for interior design. A few well-placed Autumn Accessories can change the entire feel of a room – from bright and summery to cosy and autumnal, with minimal effort and maximum impact. If you’ve been following our trends posts recently, you’ll know that colours this autumn are all about grounding, security and stability. They are earthy, rounded and natural. A neutral base is the perfect backdrop for a handful of Autumn Accessories. From comfy cushions and gold accents to warming pools of light from wall and floor lights. Autumn Accessories are an easy way to change up your look to something sultry and sumptuous, ready to snuggle down for the winter.

Autumn Accessories, Set Of Two oval Black And Gold Candle Holders

Autumn Accessories from the Showhome Collection

We brought you some spectacular show home furniture last week. The Showhome Collection gives you gorgeous, high end looks without the designer price tag. Well, this week it’s the turn of Autumn Accessories from the collection. Beautiful pieces to enhance your interiors and add a luxury finishing touch. Vases, candle holders, jewellery boxes. All designed to add warmth, interest and texture.

Autumn Accessories from our Lighting Collections

As the nights draw in, luxury lighting does double duty. Not only is it functional, it also adds warmth to your interiors. Lamp light is snug, restful and inviting. When choosing your autumn accessories, think carefully about the ‘temperature’ of your lighting. Autumn calls for warm, orange light. So, unless you need a daylight bulb for task lighting, steer away from cool, blue lights and envelop yourself in the subtle glow from a luxury floor lamp or a designer table lamp.

Cosy Cushions

Big, plump cushions are another Autumn Accessory that adds extra layers of comfort and texture. No interior is complete without them. Sofas, chairs, beds and benches all need that additional element of personality and sumptuousness brought about by luxurious cushions. When you are planning your Autumn Accessories, think of the interest you can add with warm metallics; russet, burgundy and coral; deep charcoal and forest green.

Finishing Touches

Not everything has to have a function. Some things earn a place in our interiors simply because they look gorgeous. If the word ‘ornaments’ conjures up images of your grandmother’s mantelpiece, fear not. All these Autumn Accessories from Juliettes have been chosen because they look contemporary, opulent and absolutely stunning. They may be small but they add drama and impact. Just make sure you choose wisely. Remember, less is more, so make sure there is enough space and light to let each fabulous piece shine.

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