Brighten Up Your Balcony

We’ve lost count of how many weeks we’ve been in lockdown now but we are determined to help you find ways to pass the time with our series of Lockdown Living posts. Last week we looked at gardens and planning an outdoor retreat. But what if you are a city dweller whose only outside space is a balcony? Large or small, let’s try to brighten up those balconies and make them beautiful yet functional spaces. Spaces you’ll want to spend time in.

balcony furniture, modular outdoor sofa set

A Small Balcony

Small balconies need careful thought and planning. Think of it as an extension of your apartment. Do you want your balcony as an al fresco dining space or an outdoor lounging space? Could you combine the two by having a sleek, minimal table and chairs tucked into a corner, with a couple of comfy chairs to complete the ensemble? Or would you rather use the space for an elegant, space-saving sofa or a grouping of modular chairs that will give you options on layout? Whichever you decide, measure your balcony accurately before you start looking for any outdoor furniture. Make a quick sketch of where you want things to be. Many luxury furniture retailers (such as ourselves) are still taking online orders. This is the perfect opportunity to indulge your passion and while away a couple of hours searching for the perfect pieces to complete your balcony.

balcony furniture, Designer Contemporary Outdoor Luxury Modular Set
Small, modular pieces give options even in a cosy space
balcony furniture, Contemporary Designer Woven Rope Outdoor Garden Armchair
A couple of fabulous armchairs may be all you need

A Large Balcony or Terrace

A large balcony obviously gives you more scope, not just with what furniture you include but also the size of said furniture. It allows you to have a full seating area for friends and family (when they are eventually allowed round again). You can choose a small, exquisite dining set or an extendable dining table and oodles of chairs. With fewer restrictions on space, you can turn a spacious balcony into a whole extra room – invaluable during lockdown when we are all under each other’s feet. Make it luxurious, stunning but, above all, comfortable. Again, we love the flexibility of modular outdoor furniture, allowing you to mix and match and to move things around. One day, when this is all over, just think of the parties!

Outdoor Garden Modern Designer Loveseat And Stool

Luxury Lighting and Accessories

If you want to use your balcony into the wee small hours, you will need some form of lighting (and possibly a heater if you’re here in the UK). A small balcony can often take advantage of light spilling out from indoors. However, if your balcony is large, you will need proper outdoor lighting. This could be a festoon of twinkling fairy lights, electric lanterns or an array of spectacular candle lanterns.

balcony lighting, Striking Modern Stainless Steel Lantern Set
balcony lighting, Contemporary Outdoor Designer LED Lantern Set

Accessories, too, are essential when it comes to styling your space. They can dramatically alter the look and should be big, bold, and make a statement, even on a small balcony. Striking urns, oversized vases, objets d’art – we love the log store below from Harrod Horticultural for its looks alone. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with the logs so you have to do that bit yourself (there’s another lockdown project for you). Choose items that you love and have fun moving them around until you’re happy.

balcony accessories, Designer Hammered Nickel Urns
© Harrod Horticultural


© MMGI/Marianne Majerus

A large plant in a small space creates a fabulous impact. So don’t think that a small balcony can only have small plants. One big, statement pot with a gorgeous Japanese maple, palm or fig tree will have much more impact than a selection of smaller items. It’s much easier to look after too – and can provide both greenery and privacy in an urban area. If a balcony is your only outside space, you might also decide to try your hand at container gardening with herbs and veggies. You would be amazed at how much you can grow in one planter. Tomatoes, peppers, French beans and salad vegetables are all easy to grow in containers. Go for compact varieties so that they don’t take over. Herbs such as rosemary, mint and chives with their delicate mauve flowers are decorative as well as tasty.

© Harrod Horticultural

Although our garden centre stores are closed right now, many are still offering plants online – as well as statement trees and beautiful planters. Supermarkets are selling seeds and pots. Apparently, compost is the new toilet roll so you may have to hunt for that. Gardening and being outside, even if you only have a balcony, is proven to help with wellbeing – and you’ll end up with lovely, home-grown produce to go with your pasta.

Show Us Your Balconies

We would love to see what you do with your balconies during lockdown. Will you turn it into a home office for the summer (assuming it’s warm enough)? Are you planning a minimalist chill out zone or a grow-your-own veg fest? Please send us pictures of your balcony to include in a future Lockdown Projects overview. Happy planning.

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