Colour Trends 2022

We’re bringing you the 2022 colour trends from some of the industries top manufacturers are predicting to be the go to colours for next year.

From the understated but cheery Farrow and Ball palette to vibrant Spring pastels from Pantone, 2022 colour trends breathe new life into our homes giving a sunnier and more lighthearted feel.

Farrow and Ball

No.81 Breakfast Room Green

This wonderful shade of green provides a cheery bright glow in the morning sunlight, and a warm and comforting hue by candlelight. Farrow and Ball say this is the cheeriest shade of their greens. Perfectly paired with natural woods it has a striking look.

No.223 Babouche

Such a cheerful shade, Babouche No.223 is inspired by the footwear of men in Morrocco. Bright, but never garish, dignified but uplifting. This shade will bring new joy and levity into your home.

No.291 School House White

Colour trends for 2022 have to include beautiful neutrals. Named after its inspiration Old School White has been made in the image of whites used in old schoolhouses. Paired back and soft without the cooler undertones of the more contemporary neutrals. This is Farrow and Balls lightest shade in this palette.

Farrow and Ball Stone Blue No.86

No.86 Stone Blue

Timeless, distinguished and familiar, this warm blue is named after the indigo pigment which was often imported in the 18th century. When paired with warmer tones it can lend itself to a vintage feel or cooler tones for a contemporary edge.

Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore October Mist 1495

1495 October Mist

Designed with the stem of a flower in mind, this colour is set to allow your creativity to blossom. Benjamin Moore’s October Mist is just one of 14 colours in the 2022 trends palette. Including luminous pales, botanical hues and refreshed primaries

Benjamin Moore colour palette 2022


Pantone London Collection Colour Trends 2022

Spring/Summer 2022 London Colour Palette

Pantone’s London colour palette features the top-ten standout colours, and current takes on five core classics. Featuring bright and vibrant pastels, to promote new sentiments of simplicity and spontaneity. Their 2022 colour palette is unrestrained, playful and deeply connected to nature and a need for comfort, according to their trends report.

“Our use of colour is connected to the cultural mood. As we explore a new future, we are looking for opportunities to do something completely different. Colours that celebrate our desire to break boundaries satisfy our fervent need for playful creativity and unconstrained visual expression as we enter into this new, uncertain time,”

Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute.

Such a stunning array of colours, from luxury natural deep hues to light, bright and uplifting shades. Which is your favourite?

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