Cosy Floor Seating – The Lowdown

Throughout two summers of lockdown, garden floor seating took on a life of its own. Every outdoor space from balcony to bijou or patio to poolside was adorned with a gorgeous array of comfortable, colourful floor cushions. Well, it seems that we have really fallen in love with the floor seating concept. The approach of autumn is seeing the floor cushion trend moving indoors. Whether it’s extra seating for all those guests we’re welcoming back to our homes or an informal gathering space for friends and family, a floor seating arrangement is an absolute must this season. We still want the relaxed, fun feeling of summer but warmer and cosier ready for those longer, darker nights.

Floor seating, Large Italian Blue Velvet Button Upholstered Pouffe

We must admit, we have taken a few liberties with the idea of floor seating here. On our travels, we’ve all become much more familiar with Arabic or Turkish floor seating with low cushions and rugs. However, while youngsters may be happy to throw themselves into a bean bag or sit cross-legged on the floor, the more mature among us may need something a little more elegant and structured than just a giant floor cushion. So we’ve included a whole range of lovely, low sofas, comfy chairs with footstools, luxury chaises longues and a selection of pouffes and floor cushions. To complete your cosy floor seating ensemble, we’ve also added a few gorgeous rugs, throws and cushions. So find yourself five minutes, a cosy corner and browse through these ultra-luxurious floor seating ideas. All you need now is a hot chocolate and the Monopoly board.

The Lowdown on Floor Seating

We’re starting off low with pouffes and large floor cushions. Flexible and versatile, these can be brought out when needed, moved around, and put away again if you don’t want them to be a permanent feature. There’s also a cheeky chaise longue that would be perfect in a garden room, conservatory or orangery. We’ve gone for a mostly neutral colour scheme to harmonise with almost any interior. Don’t let this dampen your creative side, however. If you’ve caught the colour bug over the summer, everything on this page can be customised so let your imagination run riot.

Up-Off-The-Floor Seating

For those of us worried that we might not get up again, a selection of not-quite-on-the-floor seating that gives the best of both worlds. Long, low sofas, fabulous chaises and sumptuous chair and footstool combos that mean you can put your feet up and imagine you are sitting on the floor. These are large enough for you to snuggle into and sit cross-legged should the fancy take you. They give the comfort and informality of large floor cushions but without any inelegant manoeuvring when it’s time to stand up. This is more of a permanent solution for those who want the outdoor floor seating feeling all year round.

Layer Up the Accessories

We say this all the time and it’s true of every aspect of interior design. Add interest, impact and drama to your design by layering. Use subtle hints or bright splashes of colour. Incorporate texture or pattern. Add extra touches of glamour and personality using hand-woven rugs, eye-catching cushions and warm, cosy throws.

Floor seating, High End Italian Handmade Rug
Floor Seating Area, High Quality Hand Woven Oval Rug
Cozy Floor Seating, Hand Woven Two-Tone High Quality Rug
Cosy floor seating, Hand Woven High Quality Two-Tone Rug

Customise Your Rugs

It’s not just furniture that can be customised. Even our rugs can be made to your exact specification to create your own unique floor seating area. Below are just some of the colours available but there are many more. Simply click on either of the two rugs above to see the full range of samples. Match your rugs to your seating or your seating to your rugs.

RUG Colours Variations A
RUG Colours Variations B
RUG Colours Variations D
RUG Colours Variations E

Need Help with a Floor Seating Arrangement?

Floor seating sounds so easy – you just throw a few floor cushions around and, hey presto, it’s done. We know it’s not that simple. If you want to incorporate a floor seating area in your home (either indoors or out) but can’t quite see how it will work, just give us a call or drop us an email. Our talented interior design team are on hand to help with anything from a single floor cushion, to customising a chaise, right through to a full interior design if that’s what you need. Take that first step and you could have a warm, inviting floor seating area ready to cosy up this winter.

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