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If you have spent any time looking at the beautiful products on our website, you will already know that one of the most exciting things about almost every item of luxury furniture at Juliettes Interiors is that it can be customised. For designer sofas, luxury chairs, exclusive wardrobes, a chaise longue, dining table, luxury bed or a chandelier, we offer a world class choice of fabrics and finishes. How you choose to combine them is up to you, giving you the opportunity to create something personal and unique. If you don’t find what you are looking for in our unrivalled ranges, you can often specify your own sizes, fabrics or finishes to create a truly bespoke product. We pride ourselves on our flair, our imagination and, above all, our flexibility. Our designers are always on hand to help you choose exactly what’s right for you.


samples marble metals crystals finishes


We have already looked at what you can do with fabrics to customise individual items of luxury furniture and change the look of an entire room. Today, we focus on finishes and what you can do to personalise almost any item of luxury furniture to make it exclusive and perfect. We offer an award-winning  Interior Design service to all our customers so remember, if you need any advice on finishes, fabrics or how to combine the two, our talented designers are only a phone call away.


Metallic Leaf Finishes

Nothing says luxury quite like a touch of gold leaf. Any metallic leaf, be it gold, silver, platinum or champagne, has a beautiful but understated sheen. This delicate shimmer gives a more subtle effect than a solid metal finish, but manages, somehow, to look even more luxurious. Its natural variations mean that no two pieces are ever exactly the same. Because of its fragility, metal leaf is applied by hand with the utmost care and attention to detail. Whether it’s just a wisp of silver as an accent or a glorious expanse of gold as shown below, a metal leaf finish raises any item of high end, luxury furniture from superb to spectacular. It has to be one of our favourite finishes, not only because of its stunning good looks but also its versatility.


Italian luxury bedside cabinet with champagne leaf finish
A beautiful, all-over champagne leaf finish


Large sideboard gold leaf and lacquer finish
Gold leaf, high gloss lacquer and polished metal finishes combine with eye-catching effect


chandelier style wall light with silver leaf finish
Silver leaf adds a touch of flair to this stylish wall light


24 Carat gold and lacquer finish designer console table
24 Carat gold plated base teamed with an ivory lacquer top


Despite its somewhat industrial-sounding description, metal covers a whole multitude of amazing and versatile finishes. Our designs cover everything from an offbeat, swirled iron bed to brass, bronze, nickel, chrome, silver, platinum and 24 carat gold plate. Each gives its own stunning look and individual personality. Gold will always look opulent, but never overlook the glamour that can be created with a flash of silver or chrome. Nickel may not be the first thing you think of in terms of luxury furniture but its darker, almost smoky finish adds a touch of class and understated glamour. Brass and bronze give a warm, comforting feel. Perfect when full-on gold is just too much. All these metal finishes give you beautiful reflections, bouncing light around the room. Add in the option of brushed metallic finishes and you open another world of possibilities. You still have the opulence, the glamour, the warmth but with a quiet, restrained subtlety. Before you make any decisions, make sure you explore all your options. Remember, the smallest change can alter the whole personality of a piece.


luxurious designer ornate swirl bed iron finish
Iron in its most spectacular form


large contemporary italian chrome finish wall light
A brushed chrome finish on this wall light provides an unconventional focus


coffee table brushed bronze finish
Brushed bronze gives a subtle, warm feel to this lacquered coffee table


platinum plated finish italian mirror
Platinum plated tiles and a silver leaf finish make a striking statement


Woods & Veneers

woods veneers finishes
So many wood finishes to choose from…


Where do we start? Wood has to be one of the most versatile of materials with hundreds of variations in colour, shade and pattern. As a natural product, every piece of wood is slightly different so you know that, whichever item of luxury furniture you choose, it will be unique. As a high end retailer, we are always on the lookout for new and exciting woods and veneers. All our designs are created by hand, by master craftsmen who choose the finest sections of the wood for each piece. They use their years of experience to carefully place woods and veneers so that their grains and patterns work perfectly with the piece they are making. Each one is, in effect, a work of art, deserving pride of place in your interior.


albin wood finish dining table
A dramatic albin wood veneer, gloss lacquer legs and bronze glides combine to catch the eye


If you are looking at wooden or veneered furniture, ask us about all the choices available. Don’t just settle for something you’ve seen in a picture or woods that you already know. Make sure you see samples of every option. The chart above shows just a small selection of veneers available for one item of furniture. The combinations are endless and we can’t even begin to show everything in one blog post. Our interior designers know our collections inside out and are always happy to help if you are undecided.


starburst ebony veneer finish cabinet
This spectacular cabinet uses a starburst ebony veneer with polished brass base


contemporary albin wood veneer finish cabinet
Set against a gloss black lacquer, a simple line of albin wood veneer is stunning


a rainbow of colours with a lacquer finish
A rainbow of colours in matt, gloss or high gloss lacquers


Who doesn’t envy the immaculate and flawless finish of a high gloss lacquer? Lacquered finishes are always popular here at Juliettes and you only have to take a quick look at a few of our luxury furniture ranges to understand why. Available in a whole rainbow of colours, lacquers give a luxurious, durable finish, with a choice of high gloss, gloss or matt finishes. Our most popular colours may be the neutrals of black, white, ivory and taupe, but lacquer can be used to add splashes of glorious colour, either as an accent against a neutral backdrop or as a stunning centrepiece. Brighten up a hallway, add just a hint of colour to living rooms or bedrooms, or create a sense of fun and frivolity to a den or children’s room. The only limit is your imagination so start creating. And if you need any help, our design team are only a call away.


high gloss black lacquer and wood veneer finish coffee table
High gloss black lacquer contrasts beautifully with a high gloss wood veneer


contemporary buffet high gloss taupe lacquer finish
High gloss taupe lacquer with gold inserts and a textured gold top encapsulated in clear lacquer and glass


glamorous bar black lacquer finish base
Immaculate down to the finest detail


bedside table grey gloss lacquer finish
Use a gloss lacquer to lift a neutral backdrop


bedside cabinet coloured lacquer finishes
Change the colour, change the look


You can always rely on marble to give a feeling of grandeur, even in a small space. Available in a stunning range of colours, from deepest black through earthy reds and browns to ethereal whites, marble’s natural veining means that each piece is unique. Marble gives consoles, bedside tables, coffee tables and vanity units a rugged yet refined beauty. Used as an accent when combined with warm woods or cool metallics, or in a single sheet as a startling centrepiece, marble is one of the most durable finishes known to man. You cannot argue with a marble table top.


luxury dining table marble finish top
Marble’s natural veining makes each piece unique


ebony desk with marble finish insert
A luxury ebony desk with contrasting chrome and black marble insert


bathroom vanity unit black marble finish top
A stunning black marble surround sits atop a classic carved, hand-painted base

Mirrored Finishes

mirrored finish 24 carat gold plated console table
A mirrored finish adds a touch of 1920s glamour


With a rich and interesting history, mirrors were once the province of the super wealthy and the powerful. A good quality mirror still carries an air of opulence to this day and, when used to adorn an item of luxury furniture, adds an idea of 1920s, Hollywood-esque glamour. Mirrored finishes reflect natural light from windows, the warmth of ceiling lights and lamps, or the subtle light of flickering candles, giving an illusion of extra space. Mirrored finishes are perfect for making smaller spaces look larger. Or use them as a grand statement in a spacious room to reflect the flair and beauty of everything around them. Used as an accent, an antiqued finish works well in a classic or even a baroque-style interior. Larger expanses of crystal-clear, smoked or bevelled glass furniture work better within an art deco or contemporary theme. This is not to say that this should limit your use of mirrored finishes.


alligator embossed bedside table mirrored finish
A mirrored frame and alligator-embossed leather bring the bedside table bang up to date


hidden bar coffee table mirrored finish
A superb mirrored finish on this coffee table hides a handy bar within

A Luxury Mirror is a Must

Even if you decide that mirrored furniture is not for you, every room in every house needs a mirror. Whether it’s a small, sleek and functional mirror in a bathroom or a vast, Venetian-style mirror above a console or mantelpiece, a mirror is a must-have piece in every home. We would always advise you to go for the largest one you can manage – it will alter the focal point and the feel of any room.


floor standing mirror Swarovski crystals
This beautiful floor standing Venetian mirror uses Swarovski crystals for an added touch of glamour


Painted Finishes

hand carved upholstered bed with hand painted finish
A hand-painted finish enhances this glorious carved bed


So many of our items of luxury furniture can be customised with a simple flick of a brush. Actually, there is nothing simple about it. Any of our painted finishes are carried out by experts with incredible finesse and attention to detail. Antiqued finishes, coloured borders, metallic paints or a combination of paints and gold or silver leaf. Our painted finishes are often used as an accent to highlight the superb craftsmanship and carving of headboards, legs, mirror surrounds and many of our Italian-inspired collections. The extravagance of baroque styling relies heavily on the use of hand-painted finishes to show off its curves and scrolls. The colours shown in our photographs have been chosen to complement the fabrics they are teamed with. Just as there is an extensive choice of fabrics and colours, you can also customise the painted finishes. We can only feature a small selection of what is available so, if you don’t see the colours you want, just ask.


chest of drawers with hand painted gold finish
Antiqued ash white finish with silver leaf and brushes of gold


bathroom vanity unit black marble with painted finish
Hand carved features are enhanced with an antiqued paint finish and touches of gold


rococo style carved bed gold painted finish
Gloriously extravagant rococo styling at its best with a hand painted gold finish


chandelier style light with coloured crystal finish
Customise with your choice of coloured crystals to create a unique light


What is the first thing that pops into your head when someone says crystals? Probably a chandelier if it’s anything to do with luxury furniture. And yes, we must admit that most of the thousands of crystals we use do feature in our stunning chandeliers and designer lighting. However, crystals can add a sparkle to almost anything. You will find that many of our button upholstered beds have the option of Swarovski crystal buttons, as do our luxury chairs and bar stools. We use them as a design feature on a dining table or an integral part of a glass and crystal table. We even have the most fantastic wall covering with shimmering lines of LED lights and crystals.


small square multi coloured swarovski crystal finish pendant light
Who said crystals have to be clear?


You may think of crystals as clear, almost diamond-like, but we can source crystals in an aurora of delightful colours, allowing you to customise your bed buttons, wall coverings, dining tables, lighting and chandeliers. So, will you choose a curtain of crystal-clear droplets or a rainbow-coloured cube? The choice is yours. We can create just about anything your heart desires.


large modern ebony dining table swarovski crystal finish
Crystals add a touch of glamour to a dining table


black velvet bar stool with Swarovski crystal finish buttons
Beautiful crystal buttons add glamour and glitz to a bar stool



Another wonderfully versatile material in the world of luxury furniture. Clear, smoked or coloured. Cut, moulded, blown or bevelled. The chandelier below, whilst not necessarily to everyone’s taste, is a perfect example of the glassmaker’s art. It illustrates glass’s versatility, with its clear, serpentine arms, cut glass droplets, moulded opaque glass bobeches and an array of rich, jewel-like colours. This is a brave, statement piece that needs an equally brave interior to call home. But look at the individual elements and see how just how versatile glass can be within your home.


multi coloured glass finish chandelier
Coloured, moulded, cut and curved. An exuberance of creativity with glass


Of course, glass can be fragile but this just adds to its glamorous and ephemeral feel. Throughout history, glass has been used to add sparkle and beauty to luxury homes. Many of our collections use glass to add a sheer, reflective finish to desks, table tops, dressing tables and, of course, lighting. If you love glass as much as we do, take the time to explore our online shop (search Furniture by Finish and click on Glass) to see the astounding possibilities. You won’t be disappointed.


hand crafted murano glass finish lamp
A perfect example of hand-crafted, blown and twisted Murano glass


dining table brushed brass smoked glass finish
Smoked glass and brushed brass dining table


Swatches, Samples & Interior Design

As you will probably have noticed, most of our beautiful items of luxury furniture are a combination of fabulous fabrics and the finest finishes. Lacquer and wood. Brushed bronze and smoked glass. Linen or marble with subtle painted accents or a champagne leaf finish. The combinations of fabric, finish and colour are seemingly infinite. It’s no wonder that customers often find it difficult to choose. But don’t worry, help is only a phone call away. Our interior designers would be delighted to welcome you to our Chelsea showroom, talk through the options available, and send samples to help you decide. If you are looking to refurbish a whole room, or even a whole house, we also offer a range of interior design services to all our customers. Just give us a call and we’ll take it from there.



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