Gentleman’s Luxury Home Office, London – Part I

Today, we are taking an inside look at our latest interior design project, a Gentleman’s Luxury Home Office in London. While this flat may be a little more modest in its proportions, the client was searching for a luxury, high-end look and finish.

Our interior design team have worked closely with the client to deliver an interior that is unique and fully reflects the client’s personality and taste. The whole property underwent a dramatic makeover, creating a space that is modern, stylish and sophisticated. Detail was a core focus of the whole design, evident in skilfully-layered dark tones, furnishing, textures and fabrics with bold brassware accessories.

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The main goal was to create a luxury home office, a space where the client could work in a place that looked strikingly beautiful, yet professional, for both Zoom and in-person meetings. The option to stay late at the “office”, as well as overnight, was taken into account by designing a living-style space, to give the client maximum comfort in his home. 

The living area has been designed with a vital social element in mind. High-end Bang & Olufsen equipment was installed as a result.

A dark, moody tone was set by a combination of different wall coverings, leathers, metals and finishes, all blending to offer an upmarket finish. Uniqueness was also top of the list of priorities. The client wanted a look that was not something he had seen before, but one he nonetheless envisaged himself, that could be turned into reality.

The apartment is rather small, so many of the items chosen and suggested were customised to ensure the right flow was achieved. In this case, spatial planning was not an easy task as the most luxurious items were too large to fit the office’s small dimensions. Therefore, the vast majority of items were scaled in a bespoke manner with customised measurements and features, to ensure they worked in perfect harmony with one another.

Given that the project was for a home office space, the customised desk was one of the highlights. The original manufacturer was unable to replicate the client’s request for a smaller specification, yet Juliettes Interiors managed to meet this specific requirement. Check out The Best Small Desk Guide to see more of our small desk designs that are big in quality and style. 

The moody palette used in this project is certainly en vogue. Dark interior design is everywhere right now. We can’t scroll through Instagram without seeing beautifully decorated, dramatic interiors. This is because dark schemes make the space more intriguing and inviting in both large and small rooms. 

For this project, the dark theme was enriched by different textures of fabrics and materials, with brass accents used to create visual interest. Incorporating brass accents into your interior is a dynamic way to lend shine to any room in your home. Shiny brass accents and furniture design allure the eye immediately and give a glamorous aesthetic to any interior. When used the right way, brass furniture pieces, mirrors, and accessories help to add a luxurious touch to any room.

The overall result is a luxurious office and living space with a fine gentlemanly flair.

Our expert designers always strive to make things personal. This is one of the most important things to remember when decorating a home or even a single room. If the clients don’t like it, nobody else will either. This means you should pick your preferred style instead of trying to follow interior trends. 

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