Brass Accents: Add Shine To Your Home

Shiny brass accents and furniture design, allure the eye immediately and give a glamorous aesthetics to any interior. Brass has always enjoyed the spotlight in the metallic décor. It exudes a timeless elegance that brightens up a spectacular and decadent look.

The soft-gold appearance of brass fixtures adds vibrancy to an interior creating a sense of sophistication.

Incorporating brass accents into your interior is a dynamic way to lend shine to any room in your home. When used the right way, brass furniture pieces, mirrors, and accessories help to add a luxurious touch to any room. For instance, compared to other finishes such as silver or copper, brass elements pair effortlessly with several colours, materials, and textures.

Here are some suggestions on how to beautify your home by incorporating gleaming brass pieces into the interior.

Lamps and Lighting

If you simply want to add small brass accents to your interior, you don’t need to invest in large furniture pieces. A simple touch of brass can be achieved by adding light fixtures such as lamps or lights to your living space.

Mix Marble & Brass

Having too much brass can be overwhelming sometimes. Brass and marble always make a winning combination. The texture and aesthetic of marble absorb the glare of brass creating the perfect balance between these two contrasting textures. Use white marble to add a subtle shine and achieve a sanctuary feel; black marble, on the contrary, creates a dramatic contrast that will make the brass stand out gloriously.  

Colours & Brass matching

Paired with muted tones of grey and beige, golden accents offset the subdued hues resulting in a refined, tranquil aesthetic.

Combining earthy, natural hues with brass provides a more organic feel and can turn up the temperature of a neutral palette.

If rich colours dominate your décor, team them with sophisticated brass accessories for a killer combination. Give brass a go in other audacious pairings: try it alongside plummy purple, emerald green, ruby, or sapphire. 

This sumptuous velvet armchair in emerald green is beautifully enhanced by the brass leg frame structure adding a retro feel to the interior.

Upgrade your desk

Desks do not have to be always boring. Instead, choose a statement desk that becomes a key component of a room’s overall aesthetic. This contemporary desk features black stained oak veneer placed in the chic herringbone pattern, supported by a contrasting brass frame. A matching lamp dials up the brass décor another notch.

Black Accents

Brass work wonders with darker colours, giving the warm tones a bit more energy and depth. The golden tone mixed with dark hues creates a beautiful contrast in tone and texture, adding light to the space.

Art Deco

When we think of Art Deco design, we immediately think of geometric patterns, rich colours, and shiny brass elements.

Today we are greatly inspired by the Art Deco Trend. Incorporating glitzy and glamourous brass furniture and accessories into our homes, echoing the sophistication and opulence of the period. If you want to indulge in your inner Gatsby, adding a decorative wall mirror or a table console, is the perfect way to do so.

Modern Interiors 

Brass accents brought into contemporary and modern furniture design provide stunning visual effects. Combined with soft textiles and neutral materials, including wood, steel, and stone, brass brings warmth to a modern interior. Those looking for something modern could try sleek lighting solutions such as the Contemporary Brass Lamp or Vertical pendant light.

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