Guest Bedroom Glamour

With a family Christmas back on for many this year, big celebrations are being planned. With family and friends gathering together to share the holiday season, guest bedrooms will be back in commission.

No doubt many of us spent lockdown sprucing our living and sleeping spaces, making our homes as luxurious and comfortable as possible. The guest bedrooms however will have been out of action and therefore may not have received the same love and attention as the rooms we use day to day.

Luxury is rarely off the rack

Designer and bespoke bedroom furniture rarely comes “off the rack” so updating larger pieces of furniture such as beds and wardrobes this close to Christmas could be a challenge. We have some immaculate items ready to go from our ex-display furniture. Our showroom is being updated so these pristine items are 50% off to make way for some new arrivals.

Bedside tables

A guest bedroom essential is a bedside table, your guests will have phones to charge, jewellery to accommodate, not to mention kindles, books etc. No luxury guest bedroom can be complete without a bedside table or console. A bedside console can offer handy storage space in smaller guest bedrooms.

You can even add a little contemporary twist to your room decor using the latest natural stone or white marble trend.

Lighting, lighting, lighting

We’ve said it three times because it is so important in creating a warm and welcoming ambience for your guests. As well as overhead ceiling lighting, a guest bedroom needs bedside table lamps. No guest wants to hop out of bed to flick the light switch off! With the addition of floor lamps as accent lighting, you give your guests the opportunity to create lighting levels to suit their moods.

Functional yes, lighting needs to be functional to create the right atmosphere in your guest bedroom, but it can also add some design flair. These fabulous and striking palm tree feature lamps are every bit the statement piece. Classic or contemporary lighting can add an opulent touch to your guest room.

Dress to impress

Your guests will need space to get ready for the day and evening events. Adding a dressing table or a console table to a guest room will give them a vanity space to get glammed up. They can also use this as a working space should they need to work remotely, or catch up with business partners, colleagues or employees. A dressing table can double up as a designer desk, or a console table as a very stylish standing desk.

Mirror mirror on the wall

An absolute must in any guest bedroom is a full-length mirror. As well as being an essential part of getting ready, especially in the festive party season, a full-length mirror adds light and space to a room. Making the room feel larger and reflecting the light throughout the space giving it an airier feel. Full-length floor mirrors are quick and easy to install, with no wall fixtures needed, perfect for last-minute interior design changes.

You can even combine your luxury lighting with your designer mirror, and go for a LED lit mirror, illuminating the space. This is a great option for smaller guest bedrooms, wall hung mirrors with LED lighting saving the space needed for floor lamps. Another designer addition is a Luxury Magic Mirror, a beautifully ornate mirror revealing a high tech TV + Bose Solo + Android TV at the touch of a button. The TV is hidden when turned off, and the large mirror provides a fabulous focus.

Nothing says glamour like a chaise longue

Chaise longues are the epitome of luxury, it also gives your guests an alternative to sitting on their bed to relax. Reclining to read a good book, or enjoy a nightcap before heading to bed, a chaise longue offers a decadent and lavish place to unwind.

For smaller bijou guest bedrooms an ottoman provides seating and storage. Or perhaps stylish pouffe our footstall adds space-saving seating, without compromising on style.

Guest Bedroom Accessories

A quick and easy way to refresh a guest bedroom is with accessories. Thoughtfully placed accessories add depth, dimension and that extra sparkle of glamour.

Finishing touches

Finally, if you really want to go the extra mile to make your guests stay feel like that of staying in a 5* hotel, we have our Impress the Guests guide with tips to make your guest stay feel so wonderful they may never want to leave. Please also see our bedroom interior design services.

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