Interior Design Trends 2023

The interior design industry has grown massively in recent years, with more people wanting to make their home’s interior far more impressive. Data shows that ‘interior design’ gets an average of 40,500 searches a month, proving how interested we all are in styling our homes.

We see many different interior design trends that are recycled every few years. We often see old trends making a comeback, or trends we have all loved for years slowly disappearing. These trends are influenced by a range of factors such as celebrity homes, fashion trends, and TV and film, to name a few.

We look back at some of the most popular interior design trends in 2022 and share some of the main 2023 interior design trends. We also look at which popular trends we will be saying goodbye to next year to help you know which trend is best to invest in.

Discover five 2023 interior design trends to invest in.

Modern apartment interior design trend for 2023

Modern Yet Classic Styles Will Rule 2023

In 2022, we continued to see popularity with modern, traditional, and minimalist styles. It’s clear that many interior design styles come and go, while some stay timeless. But which styles can we expect to see more of in the new year?

Some of the styles that became popular in 2022 include modern, maximalism, industrial and vintage. Search data tells us that ‘modern’ was the most searched style in 2022, with an average of 2,400 searches a month.

When looking at this data, we can see that the search volume for ‘modern interior design’ hasn’t increased or decreased within the past three months, suggesting this style will likely remain popular in 2023.

Maximalism made a comeback this year – searches for this style saw a 156% increase when compared to 2021. However, Juliette Thomas, Director of Juliettes Interiors, explained:

“In 2023, we don’t expect patterns to continue to be popular. Instead, minimalistic, plain, neutral coloured, and textured walls will be fashionable”.

Juliette Thomas, Director of Juliettes Interiors

We can expect to see more industrial styling in 2023, with search data showing a 24% increase within the last three months. Incorporating metals into your home is a great way to hop onto the industrial-style trend. Juliette states:

“In 2023, we can expect people to continue to use a combination of metals and woods, and textured fabrics and wallpapers. This is a great way to achieve a high-end modern, contemporary look, but with a trendy luxurious feel.”

Juliette Thomas, Director of Juliettes Interiors

A key trend that has seen an increase in searches over the last few months is Art Deco. This glamorous style will be one of the favourite interior design trends in 2023. It will give a luxurious feel to any home, bringing back a classic trend in the new year.

Modern living room styling for 2023.

An easy way for people to make their home feel more ‘on trend’ is by adding the trending colour into it via accessories. Neutral colours will always be a go-to when redecorating your home, but over the years colour has made a comeback with people opting for greens, blues, and moody dark tones to switch up their style. 

Over the past year, green has certainly stood out as the front-runner. Search data shows that using green has been a massive interior design trend since 2021, and has continued to increase in popularity throughout 2022. 

Green makes people feel more connected to nature and has a calming effect, so it’s not surprising that it has been so popular after people spent many months indoors throughout 2020 and 2021. With an increase in searches in the last three months, we think green will remain a popular colour option in 2023.

In 2022, ‘colourful interior design’ saw an increase in searches, showing just how much people were willing to experiment with colourful decor and different shades on their walls this year. We can expect using colour to remain a popular interior design trend, as searches for ‘colourful interior design’ have continued to increase in the past three months.

Neutral colours are always on trend within interior design, but they seemed to be considerably more popular in 2022 with a 91% increase in searches compared to 2021. 

“Light, plain textured, and muted natural coloured walls will be on trend in 2023. We will also see more white marble, with a lot of onyx light colours in flooring next year, together with clever ambient lighting.”

Juliette Thomas, Director of Juliettes Interiors

With minimalism becoming a popular trend over the last couple of years, neutral colours match this aesthetic perfectly. Neutral shades can help to create a comforting, Zen mood in any home, which helps during a time when people are experiencing more stress.

Another colour that makes up the 2023 interior design trends is gold. Searches for this colour have increased massively in the past year, specifically in the past three months. Juliette confirmed that this is an example of a typical trend return. Although, customers are increasingly looking for unique metal colours, like pewter, to set their own trends.

To support this evidence, Juliette explained:

“Gold and brushed brass finishes are very much at the forefront of 2023 interior design trend predictions.” 

Juliette Thomas, Director of Juliettes Interiors

Gold interiors and decor bring a luxurious and modern feel to your home – gold is no longer confined to classic interiors. A gold finish on metals is used as an accent today, rather than being used on chunky wood furnishings like we tend to see in more classic designs. This also ties in with the trend prediction of the Art Deco style becoming popular again, as gold decor is often associated with this period of interior design.

For help choosing the best colour schemes for your home, read our blog post on the best home colour schemes for each room.

Gold and green 2023 interior design trend furnishings.

The Formal Dining Room Will Be a Thing of the Past

Each room in your home plays an important role, but which rooms will people focus on more in 2023?

The most searched room this year was the bedroom, with a monthly average of 4400 searches. Over the last few years, people have spent more time indoors and most likely more time in their bedrooms.

This has created an increase in the importance of having a comforting and calming bedroom, with people willing to put more effort into how their bedroom looks. People are also now incorporating office areas into their bedrooms, with working from home being so common.

The kitchen has also always been a popular room in terms of interior design trends, and we think it will be a room people will continue to focus on in 2023.

The living room is predicted to be the room that most people will focus on next year, based on a 22% increase in searches in the past three months. The living room is often the heart of the home, with family and friends spending a lot of time together there, especially in recent years.

“There is more of a focus on combining the kitchen and living rooms, and doing away totally with formal dining rooms. It’s a sign of the times – home entertaining has become very sociable and is reserved for mainly family and close friends compared to years ago.”

Juliette Thomas, Director of Juliettes Interiors
Neutral colour bedroom interior design trend 2023.

Overall, our data indicates an exciting year ahead for 2023 interior design trends, with colourful decor becoming more popular, and modern styles returning for next year. Other key trends include more use of neutral colours and experimentation with textures.

“The interior design of a home is definitely being taken more seriously at any level, not just for those that can afford a high-end interior designer. With so many working from home remotely and entertaining from home after covid, people are now putting more effort into their homes.”

Juliette Thomas, Director of Juliettes Interiors

Whatever your style is, make 2023 the year for you to restyle your home and try out some exciting new trends. Get in contact with Juliettes Interiors if you’re looking to redesign or add something new to your home. Our expert team specialise in luxury interior design and luxury furniture.

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