Gentleman’s Luxury Home Office, London – Part II

Currently shortlisted for The International Design & Architecture Awards September 2022, for Bedroom & Interior Design Scheme – UK

A few weeks ago, we brought you Part I of our latest interior design project, A Gentleman’s Luxury Home Office, London. We are delighted to say that this project is now complete and we are excited to bring you pictures and a walk-through video of the whole project from start to finish. 

What was the scope of the initial interior design project brief?

While this flat may be a little more modest in its proportions, the client was searching for a luxury, high-end look and finish. The goal was to turn this apartment into a truly luxurious gentleman’s private office.

Our design team was commissioned to design a working environment that wasn’t only practical and professional for Zoom and in-person meetings, but a space that was also striking, beautiful and sophisticated. The option to stay late at the ‘office’ – as well as provide an overnight base – was also required, with a living area added for maximum comfort.

The overall result is a luxurious office and living space with a fine gentlemanly flair.

Were there any specific requirements to be incorporated?

Due to the apartment’s compact size, spatial planning was crucial. Juliette and the team suggested the integration of customised furniture to ensure the right flow was achieved throughout the space.

In one small living space, the team managed to create three zones: a living area, kitchen/dining and office.

The choice of materials & colour

With detail at its core, the design scheme needed to be cohesive. Dark tones and luxurious fabrics have been skilfully layered, paired with a variety of textures and bold brassware accessories, from the striking pendant light above the table to the dressing table in the bedroom. The large windows allow for plenty of natural light to flood the rooms, adding depth and interest to the dark décor. 

The moody palette used in this project in one of interior design’s most popular trends in recent years.

Dark interior design is everywhere right now. We can’t scroll through Instagram without seeing beautifully decorated, dramatic interiors. This is because dark schemes make the space more intriguing and inviting in both large and small rooms. 

The living space & office area

The living area has been designed with a strong social element in mind, with a variety of different zones.

Each zoned area was of equal importance. Bang & Olufsen equipment has been installed for a high-tech finish, making the space ideal for meetings, as the client wanted a perfect backdrop from behind as a Zoom screen when taking international calls.

The office is set up in the living space at the centre of the apartment. A premium Italian leather desk and chair complement the dark wood and brass-detailed designer desk, blending together for an incredibly opulent final product.

A boutique hotel-style bedroom design

The bedroom was designed with a strong element of exclusivity in mind. The overall design evokes a boutique hotel-style feel, where a majestic headboard, sumptuous finishes and brass hardware make a luxurious statement. 

“Creating a luxury bedroom involves selecting elements and materials that elevate not only the space, but also the experience. Soft, luxurious fabrics, textures, surfaces, clever storage and lighting all play a major role in the ‘luxurification’ of your bedroom”, says our founder Juliette Thomas. 

Discover our best luxury bedroom ideas to help you create a luxurious boutique hotel-style bedroom of your own.

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