Lighting Trends 2020

If you’ve been keeping an eye on our blog recently, you will have seen our advice on Interior Design Trends 2020, Chandelier Chic and Principles of Lighting Design. Well, this week, we take these various ideas one stage further and focus on Lighting Trends 2020. So, what lighting trends do the Juliettes team predict you will be seeing more of in 2020? The first thing to say is that there is an underlying trend for clean, unfussy and pared back design. Alongside this, we are also seeing what we would call Everyday Glamour – inspired by 5 star hotels, we want to recreate the luxury feel by including the same gloss and glamour in our everyday spaces. Colour temperature is also becoming something of a buzzword. In an attempt to combat all the blue light we are exposed to through our gadgets, home lighting is concentrating on warmer, LED light to make our spaces cosy, calm, warm and welcoming. Read on for our handy guide on what to look out for…

lighting trends 2020, contemporary starburst free form chandelier with Swarovski crystals

Lighting Trends 2020 : Size Matters

Unless you are considering festoon lights (increasingly popular both indoors and out), bigger is definitely better when it comes to your 2020 lighting scheme. Lighting should not be thought of as purely functional. It is a major design element within your home and right now, the trend is for big, brave, bold pieces. This is no time to be timid. Make a feature of your lighting with oversized ceiling lights, statement chandeliers and extravagant table and floor lamps.

lighting trends 2020, large ceiling light with gold rings and exposed bulbs
lighting trends 2020, contemporary, rectangular ceiling light installation with Swarovski crystal drops

lighting trends 2020, extra large contemporary chandelier, cube elements with crystal drops


Lighting Trends 2020 : Geometric Shapes

This is an interiors-wide trend. You’ll find geometric shapes on wallpapers, curtains, rugs and high end, luxury furniture. When it comes to designer lighting, this means clean lines, minimal decoration and sleek materials. Look out for off-centre asymmetric designs, metallic cages and sharp angles.

Lighting Trends 2020 : Free Form

If hard, geometric lines are not for you, another lighting trend is for more swirling, free-form shapes. There is no symmetry here but designs are still bold and eye-catching. Twisted metals and sculpted ceramics give a fabulous freedom, particularly with floor and table lamps.

Lighting Trends 2020 : Organic Materials

Again, this is a trend being played out across the whole interior design sphere. Everyone is on the lookout for natural materials, and the world of lighting is no different. In practice, this means a wonderful selection of glass, metal, marble, stone and wood. Combine these with lush linen shades, and you have an on-trend masterpiece.

Lighting Trends 2020 : Soft Finishes

Whether it’s a soft gold, matte black, muted nickel or brushed bronze, finishes seem to be moving away from the ultra-glossy designs of previous years. This is not to say that gorgeously shiny, gold-plated finishes have gone away, they are simply being used more sparingly. Glamour is becoming just a little bit more subtle and understated.

Lighting Trends 2020 : Gold with Monochrome

While all-out gold lighting may be on the back burner, combine the gold with a simple monochrome scheme of either black or white and it brings your lighting back on trend. Again, it brings an air of subtlety whilst retaining gold’s guaranteed glamour.

Lighting Trends 2020 : Biophilia

Although biophilia means bringing fresh, green foliage into our homes, it has transferred through to our décor in the form of wallpaper, fabrics and upholstery. And now it is moving into luxury lighting, with a whole range of fun and quirky lamps, pendants and even chandeliers, based on big, bold botanicals. We love these fantastic leafy designs but plan your lighting scheme carefully – unless you want it to look like Kew Gardens.

Lighting Trends 2020 : Refined Industrial

Industrial lighting has been with us for a while but we are seeing a more refined approach to design, creating pieces that will work more easily throughout your luxury home. Filament bulbs, tubes and pipework may still be exposed but styling is more delicate and finishes are sleeker and more luxurious.

Lighting Trends 2020 : Sconces and Wall Lights

Sconces and wall lights are often underrated and thought of as functional but uninspiring. Well, not any more. Wall lights are a vital part of any lighting scheme, providing symmetry but also lighting up darker areas and, at the same time, highlighting favourite pieces of luxury furniture and accessories. Choose bold sconces as a design feature in their own right – and don’t let them fade into the background.

Lighting Trends 2020 : Spheres

Spheres, globes, rings and circles. They are set to be everywhere next year. Spheres are unique in the way they can reflect and bounce light around a room. Beautiful spheres in multiple materials and finishes form a stunning base for table and floor lamps. Meanwhile, light bulbs are not just a humble, functional accessory. Instead, exquisite glass orbs form an integral part of the light’s design. Ceiling lights, lamps and chandeliers are all part of the trend.

Lighting Trends 2020 : Architectural and Statement Lamps

This is a continuing trend rather than a new one. Table and floor lamps are no longer content to sit quietly in a corner but have become big, bold statement pieces with plenty of flair and pzazz. As we said right at the start, bigger is better and lamps in 2020 will be no different. Designs are striking and eye catching. Wherever possible, we always prefer table lamps in pairs, at either end of a sofa, sideboard or mantelpiece. Floor lamps work in pairs or singles, dotted throughout living spaces, dining rooms, bedrooms and hallways. Be bold and choose a selection of lamps that don’t just enhance your décor but also reflect your personality.

Looking Further Ahead

With everything in our homes becoming smarter, our lighting must soon follow suit. Smart lighting, controlled by voice, app and smart devices such as Alexa and Google Home, will become the norm. The world’s major lighting manufacturers are working hard to embrace and keep up with the ever-improving technology. Something to keep your eye on.

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