Luxury Garden Furniture for Spring/Summer

With spring just around the corner, we’ve got luxury gardens on the brain. The days are already getting longer and the temperature is getting warmer – before you know it, the days of lounging in the summer sun will be upon us. We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait!

If you’re after some inspo for curating your luxury exterior, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to discover some of our most exclusive styles. Furthermore, you can check out our blog on 2023 exterior trends for even more inspo.

Sun Loungers

When it comes to exteriors for spring and summer, sun loungers are a need, not a want. Lazy days in the sun obviously require comfort, but style is also non-negotiable. To keep your luxury garden looking effortlessly chic and put together, we recommend opting for a set of sun loungers in co-ordinating neutral or earthy tones. In accordance with wellness design principles, this will tie your exterior furniture in with the surrounding greenery, creating a light and airy atmosphere that flows throughout the entire space, allowing for maximum relaxation.

Check out our top luxury sun lounger picks:

Convivial Seating

Of course, warm evenings spent with your friends and family are undeniably one of the best things about summer. For this precise reason, you’re obviously going to need a convivial seating setup in your garden. Perfect for all types of social gathering, from elaborate summer parties to barbecues to simple relaxed drinks with friends. Your luxury garden is guaranteed to become the go-to spot for all of your social circle’s gatherings.

For your all-out summer dinner parties, we recommend investing in a quality garden dining set that will seat all of your guests. Simply gather everyone at the table and let the conversation and good vibes flow – and the drinks, too!

We also have plenty of comfortable seating options for those chilled-out summer nights, so that you and your closest loved ones can simply kick back and enjoy each other’s company – leave the comfort part to us.

Atmospheric Lighting

Lighting isn’t just for interiors! What’s the point in curating your perfect luxury exterior if you’ll barely be using it after dark? Obviously, we know that you’ll likely be relying on sunlight to illuminate your garden for most of the day. But when the sun starts to set, having outdoor lighting in your garden will make a world of difference in elevating the atmosphere. 

Picture the warm glow that these luxury outdoor lamps will bathe your garden in as dusk starts to fall… you couldn’t ask for a dreamier vibe. Not only will this elevate your garden visually, it’s also guaranteed to enhance the relaxation factor of the space.

Like What You See?

If any of our luxury exterior products featured here have caught your eye, we’re here to deliver the highest quality bespoke items, tailored to your personal preferences. We encourage you to contact us with any queries regarding our bespoke furniture or luxury interior design, as our team will always be happy to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Keep in mind: lead times on our luxury bespoke garden furniture can take up to 12 weeks, so we strongly encourage planning your luxury home exterior ahead of the season change!

Looking for more interior design inspiration? See our new exclusive Park Lane Collection, or check out our blog on incorporating pops of colour into your interior.

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