Luxury mirrors – The hottest shapes & styles

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, what are the best luxury mirrors of them all? 

With their premium materials, unparalleled design and unique features, luxury mirrors provide a stunning focal point, making them capable of complementing the beauty of any interior. Mirrors are both functional and decorative, and play a major role in a space’s overall decor. When placed in the right location, they can bounce light around a room, creating the satisfying feeling of being in a bigger and brighter interior. 

Whether you are decorating your living room, bathroom, or bedroom, luxury mirrors have the power to punctuate a space, making a stunning statement. Gone are the days when rectangular sheets of mirrored glass were the most used mirror options. Materials such as wood, brass and iron have become extremely popular in an effort to provide unforgettable frames. With a myriad of styles and shapes to choose from, you are sure to find a mirror that enhances your decor. 

We have rounded up a list of luxury mirrors to get you inspired and help you choose your next statement mirror. 

Gold & bold 

The Contemporary Round Mirror is timeless and striking in its simplicity. Ideal for those that have a love of contemporary design and fine detailing, this incredible design features a sleek metal frame in a polished 24-carat gold finish.

Modern Circular Crystal Chandelier

When we think of gold, we think of quality, prestige and sophistication. Choosing a gold mirror will undoubtedly add a luxurious touch to any room, not to mention that gold pairs exquisitely with almost any colour or style. From intricate carved frames to sleek and modern silhouettes, the choice is vast when it comes to gold mirrors. 

Make the space feel bigger

A large mirror has the power to create the illusion of a bigger space, making a particular impact in smaller rooms.

If placed opposite a window the outdoor reflection of the large mirror surface will bring the sunshine of the great outdoors inside. You never can go ‘too big’ on a mirror. In living rooms and bedrooms, an oversized mirror gives a more luxurious feel, whilst serving as the perfect statement piece. 

The Large Venetian Style Sectional Mirror provides ample light and space, as well as adding a layer of luxuriant atmosphere to your interior design. This mirror can be both floor-standing or wall-fixing. Gaps can be increased or decreased depending on the required look, making this mirror a flexible solution.

Go round

When choosing a mirror for your living room, bedroom or hallway, opt for a modern choice a perfect round mirror. Ideal for minimalistic and industrial-inspired interiors, this simple shape can really add a contemporary touch to any space. It works wonderfully with mid-century decor and Scandinavian-style furniture.

Our top round mirror pick is The Contemporary Round Offset Mirror. Featuring a frame and circular mirror with a smaller offset disc in a brushed brass finish, this mirror design provides a fabulous focus. 

Antique elegance

Whilst mirrors are generally used for their functionality, the frame is also crucial as it can be a decorative element and offer a strong visual impact. Antique and vintage mirrors have the ability to add unique character to interiors. In some cases, they act as pieces of art in a room’s decor.

Ornate frames make stunning centrepieces in a room, whilst also adding a touch of opulence. The beautiful thing about these mirrors is that they work wonderfully with both classic and modern designs. In fact, a rococo style mirror with a majestic frame looks striking in a modern interior, whilst adding a dash of drama to the scheme.

Striking geometry

Geometric shapes have become extremely popular, making huge waves in recent interior design trends. Mirrors in geometric shapes are becoming increasingly popular with abstract shapes often inspired by art, space and architecture.

From hexagonal to diamond shapes, these mirrors are a dramatic, jaw-dropping sight. Generally suited to more contemporary and modern interiors, geometric wall mirrors create an element of surprise in any scheme. 

An Essential Interior Design Element 

Mirrors are an essential part of any interior design scheme. We always recommend that you use the largest mirror possible in any given space. The only exception is above a fireplace, where the mirror’s width should not exceed the width of the mantelpiece. 

If you want to see how mirrors could enhance your decor and change the whole feel of a room, just give our interior design team a call on +44 (0) 207 870 7415. They can advise on everything from a single item of furniture to a complete interior design project. We look forward to hearing from you or welcoming you to our Chelsea showroom.

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