Platinum Jubilee: Take a look inside the grandest rooms of Queen Elizabeth

With the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee on the horizon, we are taking a look inside the grandest rooms of Queen Elizabeth to get inspired.

To say that the Queen has some of the grandest rooms in the country is an understatement indeed. Rooms in both Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle feature some of the most lavish styles in the history of British interior design. The Queen’s palaces showcase a marvellous array of interior styles. Victorian, Regency and Edwardian designs all appear in vibrant colours and rich textures, making the Queen’s residence a precious paradise of stunning decor. 

Buckingham Palace counts 775 rooms, including the most notable ballrooms, a throne room,  swimming pool, cinema and a post office. It is not just the essence of grandeur and classy style, but a wonderful residence for the Queen that is architecturally awesome in exquisite detail. 

Here, we take a look inside the most eye-catching and colourful State Rooms of Queen Elizabeth and provide colourful insight for your home decor!

The White Drawing Room, Buckingham Palace

The White Drawing Room is arguably the most iconic room, it is where Queen Elizabeth delivers her annually anticipated Christmas Speech. Members of the Royal Family gather here before official occasions and it is where guests will be presented to the Queen before heading to a larger State Room. The White Room is undoubtedly the grandest of all State Rooms, showcasing magnificent English and French furniture in a sumptuous yellow upholstery, featuring white-painted walls and spectacular crystal chandeliers.

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The use of yellow in interiors offers fresh appeal in each of its many variations and adds instant brightness to the space. Yellow is one of the most cheerful and bold colours used in modern interiors. It has the power to uplift the decor and brighten the space whilst also making a daring statement. It works beautifully with blues, greys, blacks and for a crisp and fresh look use it with white. 

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The Green Drawing Room, Windsor Castle

According to the Royal Collection Trust, the Green Drawing Room at Windsor Castle, was “One of the most lavish and costly interior decoration schemes ever carried out in England”. Not to be confused with the Green Room at Buckingham Palace, The Green Drawing room renovation was intended to re-establish Windsor as the main home for the British monarchy and the leading example of national style. 

In interior design, the colour green has a calming effect, combined with a sense of security and wealth, which makes it an ideal colour for home decor. Colour experts have found that seeing green, leafy plants can bring down stress levels and improve your mood. For instance, it’s not surprising that green is trending in home design, thanks to the subtle shade of ’Mint Green’. This is a crisp and fresh tone that is relaxing to the eye and extremely soothing for the mind, making it perfect for bedroom decor. 

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The Music Room, Buckingham Palace

The Music Room at Buckingham Palace is the room where guests are presented before a dinner or banquet.
The dazzling blue columns, created to evoke the colour of lapis lazuli stone, are a true statement in this room, assuring its status as the grandest of spaces.

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Having at least one room in your home decorated with royal blue colour is a great way to pay homage to the British royal family’s grand designs and taste.

Royal blue has always been the most expensive colour, as it is known for adding opulence to modern homes.
Deep and rich blues look truly stunning in both contemporary and traditional homes. Consider introducing royal blue on a piece of furniture or velvet sofa, or complete the scheme with gold accents and brass for a glamorous and luxurious look. Lastly, royal blue is a timeless colour, meaning you won’t have to worry about it going out of style.

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