Luxury Armchairs

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Designer Armchairs

A beautifully-luxurious, designer armchair. Stunning to look at and, at the same time, the ultimate in comfort. From the simplicity of an ultra-modern, contemporary chair to the opulence of an intricately-carved and superbly-upholstered rococo masterpiece, and everything in between. Sink into the softest of feather cushions or put your feet up on a striking, matching footstool. Whether you are looking for something grandiose and regal, something classic or contemporary, your hallway needs a designer armchair with personality.

Imagine the elegant styling of a French château or maybe a more ornate, Italian baroque design. Choose an ageless, gentleman’s leather lounge chair to create a feeling of old-world charm, or set off any contemporary décor with sleek, ultra-modern black leather or the fabulous shapes and colour schemes created by a selection of tub chairs.

At Juliettes Interiors, your designer armchair can be customised with bold stripes, pinstripes, spots and animal prints; bright, audacious colours and softer, muted tones; smooth leather, sensuous nubuck, stylish damask and the finest fabrics. Natural walnut, ebony and wenge, or luxury, hand-crafted finishes. So many choices for every style of hallway. Mix and match fabrics and finishes so that your entrance hall tells its own story.

All of our designer armchairs are made using only the highest quality materials by master craftsmen, who take pride in their lavish finish and attention to detail.