Luxury Occasional Chairs

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The Perfect Luxury Occasional Chair for Every Room

A luxury occasional chair is exactly that. A chair for occasional use. But just because it is not the main focal point of a room, the choice of style, size, colour and finish is what brings all your design elements together.

Choose from the simple but stylish lines of a contemporary, high back tub chair, the nostalgic feel of a retro 1950s style armchair, or the intricate detail of a classic Italian boudoir chair. Every room has space for a luxurious occasional chair. As well as being a useful addition to your sitting room, an occasional chair is a necessity in a bedroom, dressing room or even bathroom.

Explore the extensive range of luscious fabrics and stunning finishes that take a humble occasional chair to the next level. Expertly-crafted natural woods, matt and gloss lacquers, silver and gold leaf. Contemporary corduroy, classic velvet and quirky tufted or herringbone fabrics. Rich purples, zingy green and turquoise through to muted naturals, ivory and champagne damask. Plain, patterned, spots or stripes, customise your chairs to complement and complete your overall design.

At Juliettes Interiors, even the most understated occasional chair is built to the most exacting standards, with sturdy, solid-wood frame and traditional construction techniques. What makes them stand out from the crowd is the exceptional quality of finish and a superb attention to detail. Our master craftsmen take pride in every aspect of each chair’s design and build, and this quality shines through effortlessly in every piece.