Luxury Residential Interior Design

We believe that your home interior is the most important space in the world. At Juliettes Interiors, we help our clients create luxury residential interiors that are full of personalisation and character. This helps create an atmosphere that you and your guests can love for years to come.

Juliettes Interiors Residential Interior Design

Our clients benefit from our 5-Star Interior Design Award services throughout luxury residential interior design projects. We’re lucky enough to work with a whole range of world-class clients including royalty, celebrities and property developers. Furthermore, we offer the upmost discretion, regardless of who our clients are.

Our exceptional service, helps us deliver projects on time and to specification. We also value working collaboratively with our clients from initial conversations to final installations.

Our Interior Design Services

Juliette’s Interiors interior design services are available on a single room basis to entire property renovations. We’re able to offer guidance on specific luxury pieces, including luxury furniture, loose and fixed lighting, rugs, mirrors and home accessories.

We’ve also got a keen eye for upholstery and joinery, wallcoverings/wallpapers, and window dressing, as well as being able to transform kitchens and bathrooms/wet rooms.

Our Luxury Residential Interior Design Process

At Juliettes Interiors, we follow our 9-step interior design process when working on residential interior design projects:

Stage 1: Inspiration & Concept

Initially, we work with our clients to understand their preferences, personal styles, inspiration and concepts.

Listening is vital, as we ensure our client’s aspirations are met in the design process. Once we have a clear understanding of the clients’ brief and budget we will present our design proposal for consideration.

Stage 2: Planning & Approval

Here we produce the spacial planning and gain approval.  Once approved, we can visualise the designs into reality. At this stage, we also look at colour palettes, preferred colour schemes together with finishes, fabrics and materials.

Stage 3: Budget & Timescale

Defining the budget is a vital part of our work and allows us to identify and offer suitable solutions.

The timescale is unique to each project and is re-adjusted throughout the process when necessary, depending on the progress of each step. Giving your designer plenty of time to think through the details, achieves the best results.

Stage 4: Visuals

Initially, we will work with 2D floor plans and elevations to demonstrate our designs, enabling our customers to fully appreciate we have understood and interpreted their vision before committing to the final approval. Once we are all on the same page and approval is given on the initial concepts and designs, we prefer to produce high-quality 3D full visual presentations. Please note, not all our customers require this extra level of presentation.

Stage 5: Adjustments

Adjustments are necessary for an excellent result and form part of the process. What might look like a small amendment can change the overall design partially or in full.

Stage 6: Procurement

This is one of the most important stages as everything is ordered. As procurement specialists, we thoroughly double-check again whilst ordering each element with our manufacturers that the furniture, finishes, fabric details, sizes, technical and colour specification etc is analysed, scheduled and correctly purchased as per the approved design.

Stage 7: Project Management

This is the management of the various contractors and installation teams. The teams are synchronised and managed to ensure the work is carried out to the correct standard and specifications we require. This process starts within the procurement stage to the final installation of the finished project and finally with the handover to the client.

Stage 8: Installation

Our installation team will carry out the installation like an orchestra. During the installation process, we have another chance to check everything is as it should be. A well-planned out itinerary of what goes where in what order is our bible and blueprint, regardless of where in the world the project is based.

Stage 9:  Snagging

Whilst we are extremely keen on ensuring quality control consistently along the supply chain, we are aware of possible complications that need to be resolved before the practical completion of the project. We closely monitor the installation process for any issues that may have occurred during transit or installation. In the unlikely event of an issue at this stage, we identify and rectify mostly before our customer is even aware that any such issue exists.

What are the Benefits of Using an Interior Designer?

There are several benefits of choosing to use an interior designer for your upcoming projects:

  • They’ll get the most out of the space you have available.
  • It will help increase the value of your home.
  • You’ll have fewer headaches during the renovation process.
  • They will help you avoid costly mistakes.
  • You can really express your chosen style.

Contact Juliettes Interior for Your Next Residential Interior Design Project

Looking for an interior designer? Juliettes Interiors specialise in luxury interior design worldwide. Alternatively, you can contact Juliettes Interiors to speak to us directly about your upcoming project.

Why Choose Juliettes Interiors for Interior Design Services?

Exceptional Service

We pride ourselves on our exceptional level of customer service. From the first phone call, email or face-to-face meeting through to product delivery, interior design and installation, the customer is at the heart of everything we do.

Award-Winning Interior Design

We have been awarded mulitple awards for our work both in the UK and internationally for our luxury high ­end residential designs

World Class Clients

Juliettes Interiors’ clients stretch across the globe. Our clients include royalty, domestic, commercial, interior designers, architects, property developers & celebrities. We offer exclusivity and discretion, regardless of who you are.

Interior Design Resources

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Residential Interior Design?

Residential interior design is the process of designing the interior areas of private residences. Each design tends to be unique due to the demands of the individual and the characteristics of the areas being redesigned.

What Makes an Interior Luxurious?

Although interior design often comes down to personal preference, there are definitely some characteristics that help us create luxury interiors for our clients. We aim to make interior spaces feel comfortable and sophisticated, focusing on all the little details that, together, help create a high-quality space.

What are the Factors of Residential Interior Design?

There are three main factors to consider when carrying out a residential interior design project:

1. Atmosphere and aesthetic
2. Light and colour
3. Space and shape