Top 10 Large Mirrors & Full Length Mirrors

A beautiful, full length mirror is not just for seeing how gorgeous you look. A large mirror will also increase the feeling of light and space in any interior design, as well as reflecting and showing off how fabulous every other item of luxury furniture in your room looks. This week, we have chosen 10 different styles – from ultra modern to flamboyantly rococo. We’re not looking specifically at overmantle mirrors. Mind you, depending on the size of your fireplace and the height of your ceilings, some of the fabulous mirrors shown below could work just as well above a mantelpiece. So, shall we take a peek…?

Geometric Multi-Layered Mirror

High End Large Designer Geometric Multi Layered Wall Mirror

Is it a mirror or is it art? This fabulous installation is made up of natural and antiqued mirrored glass. The hexagonal elements are set at multiple depths to create a striking 3D effect. There are more images of it on our website, showing much greater detail of the multiple layers and the aged glass – so make sure you click through. You won’t get a flawless reflection in this mirror, but that is not what it’s for.

Large Venetian Style Sectional Mirror

Large Mirror, Venetian Style Sectional

The beauty of this large mirror is that it comes in sections, with corner pieces and straight-edged central panels. It works as a free standing mirror or wall mirror and allows you to form a complete mirrored wall, a section of wall or simply a floor standing mirror. Use just two outer sections or a vast and imposing combination of pieces to fit your space. It is equally at home in a classic or contemporary design.

Platinum Plated Mirror

full length Mirror, platinum plated

This full length mirror is one of our absolute favourites. The fabulous expanse of mirrored glass is surrounded by beautiful, platinum-plated Majolica tiles, encased in a silver leaf frame. A free standing mirror, its sleek, masculine style makes a wonderfully contemporary statement. We see this in a dressing room, in a minimal living room or even a bathroom mirror in an urban apartment.

Venetian Antique Style Extra Large Mirror

Large Mirror, Antique Style Venetian

This extra large mirror has a vast expanse of antiqued glass with deep bevelled edging and classic Venetian etched designs. It makes a very traditional statement and is not going to work in every home but, in the right space, it is spectacular. We love it as an oversized wall mirror, but it works just as well as a full length free standing mirror.

Contemporary Free Standing Full Length Mirror

Large Contemporary Freestanding Floor Mirror

Let’s move forward a century or two with this fabulous full length, free standing mirror. A modern industrial, brushed brass frame supports a sleek, 3-dimensional large mirror. Look carefully and you’ll see that the edges are also mirrored, creating a substantial design element. We see this either in a contemporary, urban setting or maybe as a quirky addition to a more classic interior.

Neo Classical Gold Free Standing Mirror

Large Italian Antique Finish Gold Floor Mirror

The classic Corinthian column relief design on this superb mirror gives it an unmistakably neo classical feel. It is imposing without being ostentatious. The pale gold, antiqued finish gives an air of subtle opulence. We love how it is shown here as a free standing feature on a mezzanine but it is just as successful in living room, bedroom or hallway.

Button Upholstered Nubuck Full Length Mirror

Large mirror, Modern Button Upholstered Nubuck Leather Wall Mirror

Shown here in a luxurious, soft grey nubuck, this striking, full length mirror is also available as a square or in bespoke sizes. As with all Juliettes Interiors luxury furniture, you can also customise it with different colours, leathers, faux leathers and fabrics to create a perfect match with your décor. The deep buttoning gives it an almost traditional, Chesterfield-type feel but brought bang up to date with its clean lines and modern fabrics. We love this as a large bedroom or dressing mirror.

Contemporary Art Deco Inspired Mirror

Contemporary Designer Art Deco Inspired Large Mirror

We love the understated glamour of this beautiful, large mirror. The multi-layered bevelled edge in a high gloss stainless steel gives a hint of Art Deco styling. As a free standing mirror or installed as a wall mirror, vertical or horizontal, it would be equally at home in living room, dining room, dressing room or hallway. It also works with a whole range of classic and contemporary interiors. It really is a very versatile gem of a piece.

Contemporary Smoked Glass Free Standing Mirror

Contemporary Large Floor Standing Mirror, Venetian Smoked Glass

Stunning in its simplicity, this uber-contemporary, full length mirror exudes an air of quiet confidence. The flawless clear central mirror is framed by immaculate smoked glass with subtle corner details. We cannot explain in words just how beautiful it is. We’ve shown it here free standing but it works just as well as a wall or overmantle mirror in a dressing room, living room, bedroom or hallway.

Large Louis Philippe Cheval Mirror

Luxurious Italian Oval Dressing Mirror

This is a fabulous, larger-than-life, free standing mirror, perfect for a romantic bedroom, dressing room or even a bridal shop. Substantially larger than the majority of cheval mirrors you find, it is a gorgeous piece of luxury furniture in its own right. It needs the right interior to really shine so team it with classic, Louis-style chairs and a traditional French bed to create a charming and whimsical boudoir. If you need any advice on our extensive range of Louis-style furniture, just give us a call.

Ornate Rococo Dressing Mirror

Large Mirror, Ornate Italian Rococo Dressing Mirror

OK, so you and your home will need a certain amount of personality to carry this one off but it is a superb example of over-the-top, flamboyant rococo exuberance. If you are furnishing a Mayfair mansion (along the lines of Britain’s Most Expensive Home) or a French château, nothing else will do. At first sight, it may look like a dressing table mirror but look again. This extra large, floor standing mirror is much bigger than you think. With its intricate, hand-carved swirls, feathers and flowers, it is dramatic, imposing, elaborate – and we love it.

An Essential Interior Design Element

Mirrors (large and small) are an essential part of any interior design scheme. They are not only functional. They are also decorative – and they bounce light around to increase the feeling of light and space. We always recommend that you use the largest ones you can in any given space. The only exception is above a fireplace where the width should not exceed the width of the mantelpiece. If you want to see how mirrors could enhance your décor and change the whole feel of a room, just give our interior design team a call on +44 (0) 207 870 7415. They can advise on everything from a single item of furniture to a complete interior design project. We look forward to hearing from you or welcoming you to our Chelsea showroom.

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