Trade Account Highlights

You may remember that we recently launched our long-awaited Trade Account for professional business partners. If you are an interior designer, architect or property developer, we think you’ll love what we have to offer. Of course, you can take advantage of very generous trade prices with no minimum order requirement, but this is just the start. Over the next month or so, we will be highlighting some of the extra benefits available to our Trade customers, all of which will help you provide an extra level of service to even your most demanding clients.


Italian Designer Contemporary Veneered Console Table


Customised Luxury Furniture

When a client goes to the trouble of employing an architect or an interior designer, they do so because they want their home to be unique, individual, something that reflects their personality. They are not looking for something run-of-the-mill or off-the-peg. Almost every item of luxury furniture on the Juliettes Interiors website can be customised from an extensive library of fabrics and finishes, colours and materials. Sizes can be specified to fit perfectly so there’s no need to compromise. Even the smallest change can completely transform an item of luxury furniture. Change a sleek lacquered finish to a soft, metallic leaf or a luscious embossed leather. Swap linen for velvet. Just change the colour. The combinations are endless. Remember, whatever you see on our website is only a starting point. When your client finds a style they love, simply give our design team a call, explore with them the myriad options available and create something your client will adore.


Trade, large retro velvet sofa, aqua

Trade, large retro velvet sofa, green

Trade, large red linen modular sofa with chaise end

Trade, yellow linen modular sofa with chaise end

Trade, brown leather circular tub armchair

Trade, red velvet round tub armchair

Trade, luxury bed with large, woven velvet and brass headboard

Trade, blue velvet and brass woven footstool

Trade, black velvet and brass woven chaise


Fully Bespoke Luxury Furniture

If you still can’t find exactly what your client is looking for, we specialise in finding the products other people can’t. And if we can’t find it, we will work closely with you to design and manufacture something exquisite and unique. We’ve been in this business a long time and have built up a wealth of contacts and knowledge that is second to none. We work with many of Europe’s finest master craftsmen who will create anything from a superb, one-off piece to an entire collection of fully bespoke, luxury furniture fit for a king.


British Design, console table, fan shaped base in champagne leaf, glass oval top

Trade, bespoke furniture, detail


Use our Chelsea Showroom

When clients are travelling from further afield, it can be useful to have a London base to meet, chat and present proposals. Our Trade customers are always welcome to use our fabulous showroom on the Kings Road, in the heart of the Chelsea Design District. You will have full access to all our samples and the chance to experience the luxurious quality of our furniture at first hand. Our staff can be discreetly on-hand throughout your meeting to offer as much or as little advice as you require – or simply to offer refreshments. Our showroom becomes your out-of-office office.


Trade, Juliettes Interiors showroom, ground floor

Trade, Juliettes Interiors showroom, lower floor


The Trade Account Advantage

If you would like to find out more about the advantages of being a Trade Account holder, why not give us a call? We would be delighted to explain how a Trade Account could benefit you, your clients and your business.


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