Velvet – This Year’s Hottest Trend

With online searches increasing four-fold last year, velvet is now the most searched-for fabric this year. And quite rightly so. Velvet is sumptuous, tactile and seductive – and one of the simplest ways to bring an air of opulence to any room.


Dining set with velvet and textured dining chairs


As a specialist retailer of luxury furniture, we have to say that velvet is one of our all-time favourites. We would hate to describe this as a trend as we feel it trivialises the importance of velvet in so many luxury interiors. As far as we are concerned, it never went away. Velvet is timeless. It is undeniably elegant and is in a league of its own, way beyond fashion and short-lived trends.


Velvet round armchair, deep red


Velvet is Versatile

Velvet is also unsurpassed in its array of colours and textures. A traditional silk velvet has a natural, subtle sheen. Cotton velvet gives a soft, matte finish, whereas crushed velvet has a glamorous shine that is very popular for luxury beds, designer sofas and luxury armchairs. Colours vary from subtle neutrals and calming pastels to deep, rich jewel colours. Add to this a fabulous choice of textures and patterned velvets and this is a fabric that adds interest to any interior, minimalist, maximalist and anywhere in between.


Velvet bed with interlaced headboard


Velvet is Hard-Wearing

Innovations in fabric processes and protection technologies mean that velvets are much more hard-wearing and stain-resistant than we tend to think they are. This means we can be as bold and daring as we like, knowing that our luxury velvet furniture is family-friendly and life-proof. Do check that your chosen velvet furniture is protected before you let the dog loose on it, however.


Velvet retro sofa in forest green


How to use Velvet

In our opinion, all velvet furniture will bring a glamorous feel to living spaces, dining rooms, bedrooms – even hallways. This year, however, we are looking at more elegant and sophisticated ways of incorporating velvet into your interiors.


Velvet chaise longue, turquoise, showroom setting


If your style is minimalist or serene, just one single piece of luxury velvet furniture can completely transform a room. Choose warm neutrals, cool greys or calming pastels for a polished, refined look. Whether this is a simple velvet cushion, a luxury armchair or a fabulous sofa in powder pink or baby blue, the secret is not to overdo it. Use velvet to make a statement.


Luxury velvet bedroom chair with patterned velvet back


If you want to experiment with something a little bolder, go for one or two accent pieces in deep rich colours or patterns, a jewel-toned luxury sofa or a magnificent velvet bed as a spectacular centrepiece. Again, less is more, as they say. Yes, mix and match your colours but don’t try to include too many velvet textures in one room as you risk it looking messy and unplanned. Shape is another important consideration. We are seeing beautiful curves and scallop shapes in luxury sofas and designer chairs. Combined with superb velvet upholstery, these shapes make an eye-catching statement.


Velvet small dining chairs, assortment of colours, red, blue, cream, grey


Customise your Velvet Furniture

Remember, all our luxury furniture can be customised so if you see something you love but it’s not in velvet, or the colour is wrong, just contact us. You can specify exactly the colours and fabrics you want.


Team Velvet with…

Finishes and accessories are just as important as your choice of velvet. Not long ago, the trend was for bright golds and glossy finishes. This year, velvet is being teamed with more subtle, understated materials. We love it mixed with marble, smoked glass, silver or pewter and soft, brushed metallics. This doesn’t mean we’re dressing down. Luxury velvet furniture is still all about glamour and opulence but in a more refined way. A drinks trolley is de rigueur just at the moment so choose one that works with your velvet furniture. Use this and other carefully-chosen pieces to enhance the feeling of elegance.


Velvet teamed with silver drinks serving trolley


Embrace Velvet

If you haven’t fallen in love with velvet yet, now is the time to experiment with this fabulous fabric. Be daring. Be bold. Above all, embrace it. If you’re not sure where to start and need a little help, just give our interior design team a quick call and they will point you in the right direction. Go on, you know you want to.



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