British Design at its Absolute Best

British design at Juliettes? You may be forgiven for thinking that all the luxury furniture at Juliettes comes from Italy. Much of it does, that is true. Italy has a fine tradition of producing some of the highest quality, luxury furniture in the world so why wouldn’t we? However, now and again, we come across something so exquisite, so unique, so unashamedly British, that we just have to have it – not only in our online luxury furniture range but also in our showroom. Quick drum roll… Ladies and Gentlemen, we are delighted to announce the arrival of the stunning Oval Ended Console Table. Its name may not do it justice but its looks certainly do – and judging by the attention it’s getting, it’s causing a bit of a stir.


British Design, console table with curved fan-shaped base, glass oval ended top

British Quality

This magnificent piece of British design is a real show-stopper, guaranteed to grab everyone’s attention. We have all fallen in love with it. Can you imagine this in your hallway? The first thing people see as they come through the door? Or maybe you would have it in your living room, giving you more opportunity to appreciate its effortless beauty. Wherever you place it, you can’t fail to notice the outstanding level of workmanship and attention to detail.

Every element in this table is hand-crafted and perfect down to the tiniest detail. The sculptural, organic curves of the base are breathtakingly beautiful and mesmerising in their simplicity. But combined in this striking fan shape, they create something well beyond the ordinary. This is like nothing we have seen before – and we’ve seen a lot of luxury furniture on our travels.


British Design, console table, fan shaped base in champagne leaf, glass oval top


Embrace your Individuality

The console table in our showroom is the one pictured here. The hand-crafted base is finished in a delicate champagne leaf with a subtle low gloss lacquer. The flawless, clear glass top has straight sides with rounded ends. However, this is just the starting point. Think of this as your inspiration and let your imagination run wild. The massively-talented British designer specialises in creating individual pieces to fit each client’s particular requirements and tastes. This allows you to customise any part of this superb design to create an individual work of art that you won’t find anywhere else.

Customise the Base

While we can’t imagine anything finer than the base you see here, we know just how much our clients like something a bit different. Change the finish on the base to gold, silver or copper leaf, with a low gloss or high gloss lacquer. If you don’t fancy a metal leaf, how about a high gloss RAL lacquer in any one of over a thousand different colours? Or a simple but stunning natural wood?


British Design, console table close up, fan shaped base in champagne leaf, glass top


Customise the Top

First of all, think about the shape you want. Rounded, rectangular or a true oval? Swap the clear top for coloured glass. Or why not change it for a solid top with a metallic leaf finish, or your favourite coloured lacquer? You could just let the beauty of the wood shine through and leave it au naturel with the subtle sheen of a low gloss finish, or the glamour of high gloss. Imagine how it would look in any one of a range of stunning marbles. The possibilities are endless.

Customise the Size

Why stop at a console table? Change the size and, hey presto, you have a distinctive coffee table or a grand dining table, with a single or double pedestal base. If you have a specific space in mind, talk to us about bespoke sizes so that it fits perfectly. This is all about you so it has to be spot on.

Bring it to Life

If you need a little help bringing your masterpiece to life, just call our interior design team. Whether you want a table to fit seamlessly into your existing décor or a head-turning statement piece as the starting point of a whole new interior, our designers will help you choose the size, shape, finishes and colours to realise your dream.


British Design, console table aerial view, glass top, fanned base in champagne leaf


British Design in the Flesh

If you are anywhere near Chelsea, don’t miss the opportunity to pop in and see this fabulous console table in all its glory. Take some time to explore all the different finishes available. You’ll be amazed at the difference one small change can make. You are welcome at any time – and you can always make an appointment to make sure you have our undivided attention to go through all the various options with this console or any other item of luxury furniture from our collections.

We look forward to seeing you soon.


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