How to Spend your Cryptocurrency

We always love seeing our name in print – well, who doesn’t? So we were delighted to be featured, albeit briefly, in The Daily Hodl, an online magazine giving news, analysis and updates on cryptocurrencies. We are proud to have made it onto their list of 10 ways to spend Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. As you know, we became probably the first high end luxury furniture retailer in the UK to accept Bitcoin (see our earlier Bitcoin blog post). Now we are among a growing band of retailers seeing the potential of cryptocurrency as a standard payment method. Whether you’re a complete beginner or you’ve been in Bitcoin since the beginning, this publication gives bite-size news and more in-depth coverage, as well as advice, articles and FAQs to help you make the best decisions about cryptocurrency.

Buying Luxury Furniture with Cryptocurrency

Looking to use your Bitcoin to buy luxury designer furniture? It couldn’t be simpler. Click here to get started.


Daily Hodl feature 10 ways to spend bitcoin
How will you spend your cryptocurrency? On luxury furniture, flights, car hire or an accountant? The sky’s the limit


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