Interior Design Trends for Autumn/Winter

As you know, we always try to keep our finger on the pulse of interior design trends. This year has been particularly challenging, with no luxury furniture shows or grand gatherings. With everyone working in their individual bubbles, we are now finding that there is a greater and more eclectic range of styles developing. This, surely, is a good thing. We always say you should never slavishly follow interior design trends. You should choose things because you love them. This abundance of styles means you can let your own personality run wild and still be on trend. What follows is a quick run through just some of our favourites. Maybe we’ll go into more detail on a couple in the coming months. For now, we hope you enjoy our brief overview.

interior design trend, transition style, mix of classic and ultra modern design

Working From Home

We cannot ignore the biggest game changer of the year. Even though many of you already have a study or home office, you have probably spent a lot more time in there these last few months than you ever envisaged. Even though we are beginning to return to offices, schools and workplaces, the fact is, our ways of working have changed. The whole family probably now needs a workspace at home. Larger offices may now be shared, while bedrooms, landings and little nooks are being re-designed to incorporate proper, efficient working space. See our posts on Working from Home and the Best Small Desks for tips on what to think about and how to work effectively from home.

working from home, modern designer desk as part of a blended interior design

Interior Design Trends : Flexible Rooms

As we are spending more time at home, we need our spaces to be more flexible and multi-generational. As well as tucking in extra working spaces, we are also seeing more in the way of home gyms, yoga studios, cinema rooms and hobby spaces. If you are lucky enough to have separate rooms for each person and activity, that’s great. If not, clever design, separation and storage are key so that one activity does not encroach on another.

interior design trends, flexible rooms, large room divided by large bookshelves
Bookshelves create a clever divider whilst keeping the feeling of air and space

Interior Design Trends : Garden Rooms

You could argue that this is an exterior rather than an interior design trend but we prefer to think of it as an extension of your home. Garden rooms have been on the rise for a while but this year, they are really set to come into their own. No matter how many rooms you have in your home, there is nothing like the escapism of a garden room. Whether you use it simply as a place to get away from it all, as a gym, an office, or a teenage den, a garden room is like having a holiday home right on your doorstep. It brings you that bit closer to nature. Garden rooms are peaceful, serene places, allowing you to breathe deeply, take in your surroundings and relax.

design trends, modern wooden garden room used as a games room and gym
Home office, games room or gym, a garden room is the perfect solution
photo © Norwegian Log Cabins

Interior Design Trends : Transition Style

This interior design trend is about mixing old and new. Classic and contemporary. Done well, it can be stunning. Done badly, it can be disastrous. If in doubt, always ask an interior designer for advice. You don’t want something that looks like a junk shop. We do love to combine antique or traditional pieces with ultra-modern lighting, contrasting chairs, contemporary coffee tables or individual statement pieces. Or take a traditional room just oozing with character and mix it up with ultra-modern luxury furniture. It is a brave way of expressing personality and individuality. It gives a softer feel than having an uber-contemporary showhome, or an edgier look than an all-round classic design. It is a great way of achieving a very individual look as the combinations are almost endless.

transition style trend, mixture of old and new, chapel with stained glass with modern, recycled wood table and scalloped velvet chairs
transition style, classic ornate room with contemporary sofa, velvet chairs and gloss veneer coffee tables
interior design trends, transition style, classic bed and tables with modern lamps and textured wall covering

Interior Design Trends : Eclectic Glamour

This can mean almost anything you want it to. The only rule is that it must be glamorous. This can mean flamboyant and extravagant, sleek and opulent or understated yet luxurious. The idea is to pick individual, mis-matched pieces, chosen for their luxurious materials and high end look. Like transition style, it needs to be handled carefully. Gold is very much a feature of this interior design trend, along with sumptous velvets and rich colours – not necessarily bright but opulent and comforting.

eclectic glamour, classic bedroom with rococo style bed and modern, mirrored bedside table and chest of drawers
eclectic glamour interior design trend, classic room with high windows, tiled floor, and contemporary oval coffee table

Bar Carts and Drinks Trolleys

Another interior design trend that has been on the rise. No well-dressed dining or living room is complete without a gorgeous drinks or gin trolley these days. It can be very simple, delightfully kitsch or a complete bar on wheels. We love them in all shapes and sizes. And don’t forget the cocktail cabinet. While entertaining at home is more challenging than it used to be, bar carts, drinks trolleys and cocktail cabinets are perfect for smaller, more intimate gatherings. And there are so many to choose from.

interior design trends, drinks trolley with agate shelves and pewter finish
glamorous contemporary gin trolley in two tone wood veneer finish
interior design trends, drinks trolley in gold finish, art deco inspired
interior design trends, contemporary cocktail cabinet in dark wood with brushed brass accents


Recent years have seen a move towards natural materials such as wood and stone. The one that has seen the biggest surge seems to be marble. Always glamorous, always opulent, we’re seeing it on coffee tables, side tables, and dining tables. Now, though, it’s coming through in lighting, sideboards and buffets, walls, almost anywhere you can think of. With its beautiful range of natural colours – from purest white to rustic browns and greens, right through to deep veined black – marble can fit in anywhere. It seems no room is complete without at least a hint of marble.

Velvet Sofas

It is probably wrong to describe this as an interior design trend as velvet has never gone out of fashion as a luxury furnishing fabric. It’s always up there. This year, however, it is as if nothing else exists. It’s all about velvet. Soft pinks, rich jewel colours, warm neutrals, whatever your heart desires. With a nod to the Eclectic Glamour trend, we love to mix a large, imposing velvet sofa with textured armchairs and cool marble coffee tables for an effortless, luxury feel.

interior design trends, velvet sofa, contemporary, in soft grey velvet
blush pink velvet sofa with curved ends and gold edging
velvet sofa, deep blue button upholstered sofa

Statement Pieces

We’ve been saying this for ages. Every room needs a focal point. Sometimes, this is something obvious like a bed or a sofa. However, think outside the box a little and consider using unusual pieces to make a statement. A grand chandelier, a glamorous cabinet, a single chair. It can be something quirky and original, one splash of a contrasting colour, one very different texture. It just needs to be something that will draw the eye. Use these bold pieces carefully and sparingly, otherwise you end up with a jumble rather than a statement.

interior design trends, statement pieces, extra large gold and glass tiered chandelier
luxury marble furniture, black veined marble console table, art deco style, interlinked circles form the base, oval top

Textured Walls

This is one of our favourite interior design trends for the coming season. It isn’t brand new and we have mentioned it before. This year, though, people are becoming bolder and more creative. As well as shaped, padded walls and luxurious, textured wall panels in nubuck, linen, silk and suede, we are now seeing marble (or panels designed to look like marble), geometric installations and luscious, hand painted walls. The texture may be real and touchable or a fabulous, trompe l’oeuil effect. However it’s achieved, our walls are no longer just painted or papered. They are taking on a life of their own.

interior design trends, hand painted wall in copper and green oxide
Hand painted walls give a truly individual, bespoke finish
photo © Metal Stuc
marble wall panel in contemporary living room
Use real marble or faux marble panels or even wallpaper to add glamour and opulence
photo © dhgate

A Craving for Colour

Interior Design Trends in colour really needs a whole feature all of its own. Suffice to say, the experts in predicting these colour trends often contradict each other anyway. Also, along with the Eclectic Glamour and Transition Style trends, almost anything goes this season. Some colours do seem to be more prominent but if these aren’t your favourites, just choose the colours you want to live with.


While some say that pink has had its day, we’re seeing a lot of blush, rose, powder and dusty pinks coming through.


There has been a move towards a more natural, forest green but neo mint is still popular out there. WGSN predict that this will evolve towards a stronger, aqua colour, adding a burst of positivity. We are seeing the natural greens combined with pinks, creating a really fresh, outdoors feel.

colour trends 2021, forest green velvet dining chairs


Deep navy, mid blue and dusty blue, all very popular in every room, including kitchens and bathrooms. Pantone’s Colour of the Year last year was classic blue and it’s still a very strong influence. Again, deep blues mixed with soft pinks create a secure, welcoming feel.

colour trends 2021, rich blue velvet button upholstered pouffe


Grey has never really gone away but the trend for a while now has been for warmer greys. Greige, as the name implies, is simply a mix of grey and beige. Whether it’s a feature, deep toned grey with a hint of beige, or a lighter hue, greige works well with the warm neutrals that have been a staple of interior design trends for some time. Tones of mink, taupe and warm grey give a warmer, more welcoming feel than the cool greys of yesteryear.

interior design trends, greige, transition style, warm grey oversized chaise longue

Brave Ground

This has recently been announced as the Dulux Colour of the Year 2021. We would argue that it is, in fact, distinctly greige. A warm, earthy tone, it works beautifully with a range of brighter, accent colours as well as warm blues, greens and neutrals. Explore their suggested palettes for inspiration. We will have to wait a while to find out Pantone’s new Colour of the Year – will it be aqua or a quieter, more natural colour? We’ll let you know as soon as it’s released.

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