Luxury sofa styling by expert bloggers

This week’s blog is all about luxury sofa styling by expert bloggers. Luxury and statement sofas are enjoying a major resurgence right now. We have seen how the interior design trends for 2022 have greatly influenced sofas designs, silhouettes, materials and colours.

This year, sofas are all about comfort and design. The hottest trends in the sofa scene include natural materials, earthy tones, and organic shapes such as curves.

Luxury sofas are a great home investment, which stand the test of time with their solid construction and top-notch materials. It is important to invest in a sofa that is sumptuous, cosy and luxurious. High-quality, customisable products are a big part of the trends around couches and seating solutions.

The definition of a luxury sofa demands that the piece stands out gloriously with its unique style and features.

Whether is a super soft fabric or an eye-catching silhouette, luxury sofas immediately elevate the grandeur of any interior. 

We asked some of our favourite interior bloggers to design their favourite room with any one of our beautiful luxury sofas as their centrepiece. They have themed their sofa with other furniture and accessories from our collections, plus other favourite pieces that have caught their eye. Their ideas are all very different, so click on their names to take a look at each of their blog posts. Make sure you also check out their fabulous Pinterest boards, where their ideas come to life.

If you are looking to invest in a luxury sofa and want to discover how to style it with furniture and accessories, have a look at the luxury sofa styling by expert bloggers.

Dear Designer

A daring setting of Art Deco inspiration where plush textures, gold accessories, geometric and tropical prints create a beautiful combination of contrasting elements. Carole King, from Dear Designer, selected our Modern Curved Sofa for her style board. Elements of industrial design, as well as tropical components, add a luxurious and decadent feel to the scheme.

Image source: Dear Designer

“Curves occur naturally in nature so it made sense to use green plants in the soft furnishings as well as adding real plants too,” says Carole. 

We love how the curved feature is used throughout the scheme. The window-style mirror adds a strong geometric presence with its straight black lines. Gold accessories were cleverly introduced to soften the overall scheme.

One such example is our beautiful Contemporary Curved Table Lamp, finished in brushed brass metal. 

To help you get more inspired, Carole has created a fabulous Pinterest board where you will see all her beautiful finds. 

She explains: “Too many curves can simply be too much for me. I’m a big lover of contrast and will always want to balance curves with straight lines, circles with squares, black with white”. 


Earthy colours, statement accessories and natural materials create what Antonia Ludden, from Tidylife, describes as Rustic Luxury. “I think of it as a blend of country/barn/farmhouse style but elevated to a more sophisticated level. Rustic but in a luxury setting or featuring touches of luxury”, explains the blogger.

She paired our Modern Curved Sofa with the Marble Round Nest Coffee Table Nest. A beautiful design that features a hammered metal stand, which enhances the rustic luxury feel. 

Image source: Tidilyfe

In her blog, Antonia explains how rustic luxury can be traditional or modern, and can be combined with other styles to suit different tastes. 

She states: “The use of curved furniture can help with the flow and feeling of spaciousness in a room as it removes hard edges”.

Image source: Tidylife

The curved trend is reinforced in her style board by the Round Coffee Table Nest, which is fabulous alongside the Modern Curved Sofa, round mirrors and curvaceous vases. 

For more inspiration on rustic luxury, check out Antonia’s Pinterest Board. She has put together a collection of sophisticated interior images featuring this style.

If you are thinking of investing in a luxury sofa to keep for the rest of your life, we are here to help. Our talented team can find the right suggestion for your need or help you have something custom-made. We can help via email, phone +4402078707415 or at our London Showroom.

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