Make a statement with these luxury coffee table designs

If you want to make a statement in your living room, these luxury coffee table designs will be sure to enhance the beauty of any interior!

Luxury coffee tables are the heart and soul of living rooms or lounge areas, capable of pulling the room’s style together. A coffee table is influential in setting the stylistic tone of an area where you are likely to be relaxing or entertaining guests. Serving as true statement pieces, coffee tables are multifunctional and must not be neglected when it comes to your living room design.

With over 2.5 million coffee table hashtags on Instagram, coffee tables are an important part of living room furniture and decor.

With our new coffee table arrivals, you can easily create a focal point that transforms your entire interior space. Don’t leave your coffee table isolated, idly stacking it with printouts, remote controls and mugs. Instead, see this piece as an opportunity in the making and combine it with modern decor to spice up your living room.

From original mid-century vintage to sleek marble styles, here you will find the perfect coffee table for your living room. Whatever your style, give your living space an instant update with one of these coffee tables and enhance the beauty of any interior whilst making a dramatic statement. 

Ready for some elegant coffee table decor? Read on below to find out more!

Nesting glamour

One of the trends we have seen over the last few years is that nesting table sets are becoming more popular than traditional singular options. Nest coffee tables offer a more retro vibe, whilst also providing extra surface area.

A must-have thanks to its Art Deco look, The Luxury Glass Coffee Table Set is the perfect piece to add a drop of elegance to your living room.

Round sophistication

Undeniably the most solid design with a striking presence, round and low coffee tables maximise space and creates an inclusive ambience. The two designs shown here are bold and edgy, featuring a sculptural look, characterised by a sturdy form and different textures. 

Work of art

Exquisite craftsmanship meets flawless design with The Droplet Coffee Table. A cleverly designed coffee table that becomes an admirable work of art, creating a unique wow-factor in your living area. Classic droplet ripple formations have been faithfully reproduced onto the table’s surface, providing a superbly glamorous and sophisticated focus. With its artistic vibe, the Droplet Coffee Table is perfect for modern art collectors and interior design connoisseurs.


Bring retro style into your space with an eye-catching patterned veneer coffee table. Veneer is a great way to inject an impactful dose of Art Deco into your living room. Beautifully crafted from blurred wood, The Blur Veneer Coffee Table benefits from a strikingly luxurious aesthetic and an S-shaped metal base in gleaming brass. 

Organic elegance

Elegant, timeless and ultra-sophisticated, the natural stone trend is delivering a unique edge to interior decor.

Stone furniture is versatile and environmentally friendly, with each piece featuring a completely individual colour, texture and tone. The Exclusive Stone Coffee Table exudes organic, natural and durable beauty. Its sleek expanse of stone surface appears to float over its wonderful sculptural base, one which gives this piece an effortless finish.

Metallic statement

Metallic coffee tables are among the most popular styles, thanks to their ability to finish off a room with their clean and sleek lines. Polished metals catch the light luxuriously, reflecting the beauty of surrounding elements and creating visual interest. 

Need help with your living room design?

We know it’s not that simple when investing in home furniture. If you want to incorporate a luxury coffee table into your interior or need advice on redesigning your space, we are here to help. Our talented Interior Design team are on hand to assist with anything from choosing furniture, to a full interior revamp if that’s what you need.

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