Luxury living room design

The living room is the most used space in a home, where we gather with family or chill on the sofa. Since we spend most of the time here, the living room design has a tremendous impact on our lives, mood and mind. Sure, not within everyone’s budget but a luxurious living room interior can make a difference to our well-being.

Contemporary Italian Designer Swarovski Crystal Geometric Chandelier

The living room is the focal point of your house and the majority of your interior design investment and effort should focus on this room. The most important element of the living room is the furniture. Choosing a sofa that feels heavy, solid and comfortable it’s part of designing a luxurious living space. 

Whether you want to achieve minimalist decor, experiment with striking light fixtures, there are many ways to design a luxurious living room. To help you find inspiration, we have put together the very best of ideas to create a luxury living space.

Art Deco flair

If you are looking to create a living room design that is striking, elegant and luxurious, choose bold colours, sumptuous fabrics and sleek metallic surfaces inspired by Art Deco influences. A living room inspired by the 1920s requires a non-obvious combination of colours, textures and materials.

For modern and contemporary homes, incorporating small elements of Art Deco appeal into your living room helps to instantly elevate the space.

Art Deco sofas have a unique appearance, featuring rich velvet and satin that has an interesting texture.

The curved lines and distinctive silhouette of Art Deco-inspired sofas create a nostalgic throwback to the twenties’ glamour. Bring in vivid colours such as emerald green and peacock blue and reds for extra opulence.

Velvet luxe

Transform an ordinary living room into an extraordinary space with the perfect velvet sofa. If you are looking to include a luxurious piece that makes a bold statement, a velvet sofa is a perfect choice. Furthermore, the sumptuous sheen, the texture and the rich feel of velvet in your living room instantly bring a high-end look to the space.

As well as feeling soft and looking luxurious, velvet is designed to be durable and last well for years, which makes it a great investment choice. 

Shiny brass accents

Adding gleaming and shiny accents surely gives an opulent look to any living room. Shiny brass lighting and fixtures give a quick swanky upgrade to any interior.

Incorporating brass metals into your living room will transform the space from ordinary and dull to warm and welcoming. Moreover, brass accents and furniture design, allure the eye immediately and give a glamorous aesthetics to any interior. 

After the sofa, the coffee table is the second focal point in a living room design. Choosing a coffee table with brass elements will add extraordinary style to the scheme. 

The Contemporary Brass Veneered Chic Glass Coffee Table brings the perfect balance between high-end design and exquisite materials. A fluid organic tabletop in a brass finish resting on a solid lacquered wood base creates a fabulous show-stopper for those that have a love of contemporary design and fine detailing.

Statement lighting

The best luxury living room designs always include a fabulous chandelier. Chandeliers that have a striking design and refined materials are often the main living room attraction. Impressive lighting can enhance the best part of a room whilst adding a sense of grandeur.

Lights in the living room should take the eyes towards the furniture; a chandelier above the sofa is always a winner. 

Natural stone

Classic pieces made of durable materials like marble or natural stone will last a lifetime and still look fabulous and timeless. Marble is known for lending its beautiful finesse to whatever object it’s incorporated into.

The natural beauty of marble makes it a popular choice for living room coffee tables. The rich veins of this natural stone fit seamlessly almost in any setting. The Exclusive Stone Coffee Table is the epitome of understated luxury. The sleek outline and natural texture create a statement of eternal charm and organic elegance.

Modern sophistication

The keys of a modern and sophisticated luxury living room include clean lines, high-quality materials and natural lighting. A classic and neutral colour scheme is the ideal choice in a modern living room without compromising on the wow factor.

Incorporating industrial inspired furniture and geometric elements into your living room can give the modern edge you have been looking for. Note how the Contemporary Corner Sofa in an earthy beige tone, soften the black scheme in this modern space.

Eclectic glamour

Stylish and charming, defiant and bold, eclectic living rooms combine different design genres from maximalist furniture pieces to bohemian lighting. An eclectic living room design could feature sofas and chairs that have different styles but work together because of the interesting contrast and extravagant look.

When it comes to eclectic interiors more is more; the key is to have an informal mix of furnishings and decors from a wide variety of styles. Most importantly, eclectic living room designs skilfully combine bright colours and patterns in unexpected ways. 

Design your luxury living room

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