Poolside heaven

Lounging in the sun on the pool deck is part of the fun of having an outdoor pool. Creating a stylish poolside heaven requires a bit of creativity and planning. 

The area around the pool determines the look and feel of the space, whether you choose a rustic style or a contemporary and sleek design. 

When planning your poolside design and selecting the right furniture, you should consider the aesthetic and functionality. For a well-designed poolside, it’s important to strike a balance between spots where you can soak up the sun and relax in the shade. This is extremely important as the day goes on and the sun shifts position.

Whether your pool deck is large or intimate, there are a plethora of poolside furniture ideas to get you inspired for your own poolside heaven.

Take a look at some poolside furniture options for ultimate relaxation and entertainment.

Luxury Dark Teak Garden Sofa And Chair Set

Luxury loungers

Sun loungers are the perfect spot to relax by the pool in total comfort. When choosing the best loungers for your pool deck, go for water and UV-resistant materials. Also, they need to be lightweight enough to shift around, so consider sun loungers with wheels. For a timeless look, The Luxury Wicker Style Sun Lounger creates a sense of exclusivity, completely in harmony with your natural surroundings.

Complete your lounge seating area with a set of poolside table stools. These are a great option for holding drinks, your phone and everything you need as you chill by the pool. Matching the sun lounger with a table adds style to your pool deck, creating a harmonious and resort-style design.

Modular furniture 

If you love adapting and re-arranging your outdoor seating from time to time, modular furniture is the best poolside option. This furniture is extremely functional as it joins together into long sofas and breaks apart into individual seating and daybeds. The Contemporary Modular Corner Outdoor Sofa features modules of different shapes and dimensions, making it extremely versatile and practical. Its deep, plush and durable materials make it the ideal outdoor setting.

Under the shade

Creating spots of shade is one of the most important things to include around the pool. When you spend some time in the sun, you naturally seek some relaxation in the shade, especially on a very hot day. 

You should consider investing in a patio umbrella or parasol for your poolside seating spot. A large patio umbrella with a weighted base is a traditional option to hang over the outdoor seating area and is more budget-friendly than a pergola or any other permanent structure.

Poolside dining

Al-fresco dining is great but poolside dining is a 5-star experience if done right. The outdoor dining set becomes the focal point around the pool and balances the entire landscape design. Make sure you think carefully about the positioning of the poolside dining table and chairs. Leave enough space to pass around the chairs on the side of the pool to ensure safety. 

Patio and pool deck dining tables come in a variety of designs and materials. Consider what style you like and how it complements your pool landscaping. Whether you go for a sleek and modern design or a rustic, wooden look, take into account durability and maintenance, which may vary depending on the material.

The Luxury Garden Dining Table is a great choice if you want to dine in style and embrace the latest down-to-earth garden trends. The wrap-around back and rope armrests blend seamlessly, giving each piece a neo-modern yet timeless look to offer the ultimate in comfort and style.

Brighten up the poolside with white furniture

Embracing lighter colours for your outdoor furniture will brighten up the space. White fabrics and materials look fabulous amongst the pool surrounding, evoking a Mediterranean and Santorini-style landscape. White cushions add to the natural feel, alongside wood and metal elements, which combine to give an effect of luxurious simplicity.

Add a nautical feel 

The latest garden furniture trends advise the use of classic blue for cushions and outdoor seating, themed with white and grey fabrics. If you want to create a nautical feel around the pool, go for a navy palette; it’s timeless, stylish and soothing. The Contemporary Outdoor Sofa set epitomises nautical-inspired furniture with a modern flair.

Minimalist relaxation

Simple, functional pieces combine with the surrounding architecture, creating understated sophistication in your garden. If you appreciate a minimal look, teak wooden sun loungers are ideal for the ultimate zen vibe by the pool. Teak is well-known as the most valued hardwood and is generally used for luxury outdoor furniture. This material sits exceptionally well near the pool, as it is entirely resistant to pool and salt water.

Floating in style

Sunbathe, have a drink or relax in the water without getting wet. Floating beds, armchairs and drink coolers are the ultimate must-have to complete your pool experience. We offer an elegant collection of floating items, inspired by the style of the nautical world. Created from eco-friendly faux leather of the highest quality, these floating pieces will be the conversation starter at your pool parties.

We can help you design your poolside heaven

Investing in the right poolside furniture elevates your entire outdoor and lounging experience. We would love to help you design an idyllic poolside heaven. Give us a call at 02078707415 or visit our London Showroom.

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