Stairwell Lighting Hints & Tips

Juliette was very pleased recently to be asked by staircase specialists, Jackson Woodturning, for her expert hints and tips on stairwell lighting. Jackson Woodturning’s range of traditional, contemporary and bespoke staircases lends itself to so many different lighting options. From simple wall lights to the most extravagant chandeliers, where do you start? For more information on choosing the right chandelier, check out our Chandelier Chic advice too.

Contemporary Stairwell Chandeliers

Planning Your Stairwell Lighting

As you know, stairwell lighting takes some very special thought and planning. Many things have to be taken into consideration. First is, of course, style. Is your staircase traditional, classic or contemporary? And are you looking for something to complement or contrast? Next, what size should your stairwell lighting be? If you are thinking of concealed, under-step lighting, inset lighting within a wall, or illuminating the handrail, the lights themselves will be small but the effect is dramatic. Here at Juliettes, these types of specific lighting fall within our bespoke ranges. We specialise in sourcing exquisite items to suit your individual space. Call us for more information. Wall lights or designer chandeliers must be carefully chosen. Too large and they will overwhelm your stairwell. Too small and they will look wrong in the space.

Classic Stairwell Chandeliers

Stairwell Lighting Creates Ambience

Stairwell lighting needs to be used sympathetically to enhance the overall feel. Soft lighting creates a warm, welcoming mood while cool lighting gives a more contemporary and airy feel. Don’t go too dim on a staircase. If your overhead or wall lighting is very subdued, consider adding lighting under the steps for safety. If it is within the reach of children, make sure you use LED lighting so there is no heat for little fingers to get hurt.

Contemporary Stairwell Wall Lighting

Stairwell Lighting to Increase The Feeling of Space

Lighting can make your staircase come alive. To give the illusion of more space, stairwell lighting needs to be bright without being harsh. The two things to consider are lumens (the amount of light given out – the higher the number, the more light you’ll get) and kelvins (the ‘temperature’ of the light – the higher the number, the cooler or bluer the light). Too cool and it becomes somewhat functional. Choose bulbs that are bright but with a hint of warmth for a fresh, spacious feel.

Classic Stairwell Wall Lighting

Take Your Time

There is an astounding choice of stunning, eye-catching lighting around. Modern innovations in technology and materials have led to a wave of creativity and designs that would have been impossible not so long ago. From fabulous, ultra contemporary chandeliers to beautifully decorative, classic pendants, ceiling lights and wall lights, there is something to suit all tastes. Juliette’s major piece of advice is to set aside plenty of time to browse and find out just what is available before making any choices. And if you are struggling to know what’s right for your staircase, call our interior design team for some advice. They can help with anything from a single item to a full interior design. Give them a call to find out more.

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