Top 10 Bookcases and Display Cabinets

A beautifully-designed bookcase or display cabinet is always a welcome addition to any reception room, study or hallway. To be honest, a bookcase or display cabinet are often interchangeable – it just depends how much you enjoy dusting. Of course, a modern luxury bookcase is about so much more than just books. We believe books are an essential part of every sophisticated home, but everyone also has their own collection of treasures, heirlooms and beautiful belongings, all of which deserve pride of place in their own stunning display unit.

The Difference between a Bookcase and a Display Cabinet

In terms of design, a display cabinet usually has glass doors whereas a bookcase does not. Display units may also have glass shelves or a mirrored back panel to show off the contents from every angle. Having said that, there is little difference in their function. A beautiful bookcase can display and highlight your favourite photographs, a statue, glassware and even the smallest trinkets. At the same time, a display cabinet can provide a glamorous storage solution for your books and paperwork. Even a modern TV media centre can combine all your digital entertainment with a love of literature and the written word. So when you are searching for the perfect bookcase or display unit, don’t just limit yourself to a specific description. Expand your search to include a bookcase, book shelf, display cabinet and display unit. Narrow it down with materials such as glass, oak or lacquer if that is important. Most of all, enjoy browsing and take the time to choose your favourite.

High End Contemporary Oak Brass Display Cabinet
Solid matt oak and subtle geometric detailing give this display cabinet a contemporary yet classic look

Our Top 10 Display Cabinets and Bookcases

The Juliettes team have chosen their top 10 based on style, function and personal taste. From ultra chic to timelessly traditional, the essence of all these luxury bookcases and display cabinets is the use of the finest materials and finishes, combined with expert craftsmanship and attention to detail. Sleek, straight lines contrast with sinuous curves, intricate mouldings and hand-painted finishes. As you know, the vast majority of our luxury furniture pieces can be customised. Our master craftsmen offer a choice of rich lacquers, gold and silver leaf, embossed leathers and warm, natural woods, allowing you to create your own individual pieces to complement every part of your home. So, take a look at our Top 10 but remember that these are just the starting point.

Top 10 Bookcases, Italian Ebony Bronze Designer Display Shelf
Solid, dark oak shelves contrast with a stunning, asymmetrical polished brass frame
London Collection Modern Veneered Glass Display Cabinet or Bookcase
The perfect solution when you need both display space and concealed storage
Top 10 Bookcases, Faux Marble Display Unit
All the team love this one for its modern take on a bookcase frame – and the simplicity of the white marble shelves
London Collection Modern Veneered Designer Glass Drinks Cabinet
A mirrored back panel in the centre makes this display cabinet ideal for glassware, cocktails or beautiful objets d’art
London Collection Modern Designer Bookcase
High gloss sycamore veneer and striking stainless steel. Perfect for an uber-contemporary interior
Top 10 bookcases, Bespoke Luxury Gold Leaf Display Shelves
A bespoke bookcase made to your specific requirements, shown here in gorgeous black lacquer and gold leaf finishes
Designer Italian Quilted Display Cabinet With Crystal Details
A modern take on traditional Italian design with patterned lacquer, quilted nubuck and Swarovski crystal embellishments
Top 10 bookcases, Designer Italian Burl Veneer Display Cabinet
A striking mytrle burl veneer inside and out adds eye-catching detail to this sophisticated cabinet
Classic Designer Italian Glass Display Cabinet
A little off piste here but this fabulous little cabinet shows that every room needs one whether it’s for books, cocktails or fluffy towels

Need Advice on Bookcases or Display Cabinets?

If our team’s Top 10 hasn’t inspired you, do explore all our bookcases, sideboards, display cabinets, cocktail cabinets and armoires. Our design team are on hand to help out with product details, advice, customisation and even a full interior design service. Give us a call, drop us an email or click on our LiveChat button at the bottom right of the page. We would be delighted to help.

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