Top 10 Flexible Home Desks

And here we are again. In Lockdown. Working from home and trying to make the best of everything. At least this time we have some experience, and the world around us is geared up to cope. We can work, meet, learn and shop from the safety of our own home desk. When we do emerge again, it still seems that some form of blended working is likely to become the norm. Even if you already have a home office or study, it may well be getting a little cramped in there. Many of us will be juggling our home desks with partners and with children learning from home. If space is limited, check out our Best Small Desks for working from home. Make sure you also take a look at these Home Office Hints and Tips to make the most of your space.

home desks, Black Oak Italian Designer Writing Desk
This contemporary writing desk works in a small home office or in an open hallway, living room or dining room

So, we need to plan multi-purpose rooms and workplaces to give everyone their own space. This means coming up with flexible home desk solutions that blend seamlessly into your home. If space is limited, check out our Best Small Desks for working from home, and take a look at these Home Office Hints and Tips to make the most of the space you have.

High End Ebony Veneer Designer Console Table
A console table doesn’t just make a fabulous statement, it also makes a very striking and flexible home desk

Home Desk, Console or Dressing Table?

Don’t restrict your choices by looking just at home desks. There are alternative pieces of furniture that could double up, without making your whole home look like an office. Dressing tables, console tables, even dining tables can make a handy home desk and still be part of a stylish, well-planned interior. As it happens, many of our fabulous, stylish desks also make great consoles or dressing tables. If you browse through our luxury desks category, you will find that we have included these alternatives to give you more inspiration and a greater choice.

London Collection Designer Small Modern Writing Desk
Designed as a writing desk with useful drawers and a leather writing insert, this would also make a very stylish, classic dressing table
Contemporary Italian Leather Designer Marble Console Table
A useful desk by day but a stunning console table by night. Handy drawers mean that work can be cleared away to leave a clear, uncluttered space
home desks, Elegant Designer Dressing Table
This spectacular, curved dressing table also makes a wonderfully practical desk. Some may find the mirrors offputting but bespoke options are available
Designer Italian Dressing Table With Crystal Details
The herringbone pattern of this stately dressing table also makes a very handsome small desk – and it wouldn’t look out of place as a welcoming console table either

Home Desks for Teenagers

Think about who will be using each home desk. Where is the best place for them to work? Do you have older children who need their own home desk in a quiet place, away from distractions? A contemporary dressing table in a bedroom could be the answer, although many schools prefer students not to be in a bedroom for any video calls. Not only that, a teenager’s bedroom is generally full of distractions and temptations, often leading to procrastination and a lack of attention. So, maybe you could think about a console table in a quiet living or dining room that is unused during the day.

home desks, Luxury High End Italian Ebony Writing Desk
In a bedroom or as a console table, this writing desk is the perfect place for all their teenage paraphernalia
home desk, Modern Italian Veneer And Leather Dressing Table Set
When closed, this is a gorgeous desk. Then, hey presto, open it up and you have a delightful dressing table

Home Desks for Tweenies

Very young children may need nothing more than a floor, a coffee table or the corner of a kitchen table. But do your in-betweenies need a larger, shared space where they can be supervised or where you can work alongside them? A large executive desk in a separate home office would be ideal but is not always practical, especially if someone else is already working there. Instead, try looking at dining tables and a bit of extra storage to clear away the clutter at the end of the day. Wood is always warm and comfortable to work on, or maybe think about marble, which can withstand the rough and tumble of a home schooling day yet still looks effortlessly glamorous at the end of the day.

High End British Designer Contemporary Trestle Desk
A beautiful yet robust trestle table with storage drawers doubles up as both family desk and dining table
Contemporary Designer Italian Marble Rectangular Dining Table Set
After a hard day of homework, this marble dining table will still look immaculate

Time for a New Home Office?

If there are just two of you – and you think that working from home will become part of your new normal – is it time to re-think your home office? Can it be re-configured to accommodate two home desks so you can both work together? It is generally accepted that sitting sideways on to a window makes the best of any natural light. For both of you to benefit, this would usually mean sitting face-to-face or back-to-back. If you have dual aspect windows, an L-shaped configuration may suit you better. Then again, you may find it impossible to both work in the same space, in which case you will need to find an extra workspace for your second home desk. This will need to blend into whichever room it is in. Again, we recommend looking at consoles and dressing tables as an alternative if a desk itself does not work.

Modern Italian Designer Leather And Walnut Veneer Desk
Side by side or back to back. Imagine a pair of these stunning leather and walnut desks as part of a home office re-design
Designer Italian Ebony Veneer And Leather Contemporary Desk
Plenty of space, just in case you have to share occasionally. The elegant curves and immaculate finish of this executive desk make a fabulous focal point

Help is at Hand

Choosing extra home desks that look like part of the furniture, rather than an add-on, can be quite a challenge. If you are finding it difficult to decide, or to work out what would work best, give our interior design team a call. We can help you find just the right home desk (or two, or three). If a more fundamental approach is needed, we can work with you to completely re-design your space. From initial ideas right through to final installation, we are here to manage each part of the project so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Call, email or use our LiveChat over at the bottom right hand corner, and let’s see how we can solve your home desk problems.

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