6 Bridgerton-inspired home ideas

If you are like us, you probably loved Netflix’s show Bridgerton and are now dreaming of swanning around in Bridgerton-inspired home decor. 

The show cleverly blended classic home decor with an irresistible modern twist. The interiors feature decorative elements throughout, such as carved furniture and fine upholstery that everyone is talking about.

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With a nostalgic and romantic take on the Regency style, the drama features lavish interiors, which have captivated audiences around the world. The Regency style is noted for its elegance and opulence.

Ornate woodwork, dramatic wallpaper, vintage floral prints, gold accents, traditional furniture and velvet fabrics are all staples of the Regency trend. 

The delicate interior of the Bridgerton’s home and the colourful extravaganza in the Featherington residence have set the scene for a new interior design trend in modern homes. 

If you have been inspired by this style and wish to recreate the allure and romance of this modern drama, we’ve got you.

We have put together six Bridgerton-inspired home ideas on how you can incorporate Bridgerton elegance into your interior. 

Antique-style furniture

The interiors of the Bridgerton set are decadent and extravagant, showcasing pastel blues, soft beiges, as well as rich tones and decorative wall motifs.

The sitting room in the Bridgerton house is the perfect place to start when describing the Regency trends.

The sophisticated carved furnishing, vintage elements and chandeliers create a nostalgic feel throughout the room.

If you want to recreate the look, choose a sofa, armchair or chaise longue that will add a hint of Regency to your space. 

Sumptuous bedroom 

To achieve the Bridgerton aesthetic in your bedroom, feast your eyes on The Luxury Carved Leather Button Upholstered Bed. Shown here in an antiqued-ivory finish, with hand-painted gold accents that enhance the ornate carved detailing. This gorgeous, timeless design will make you feel as grand as a duchess.

If you don’t feel like investing in a new bed, incorporate smaller furniture with a Regency look. Why not opt for a console table and mirror set instead?

The Louis XVI Reproduction Italian Classic Console And Mirror Set is striking and romantic. This stunning console table features a two-tone grey finish, with silver detailing accentuating the most elegant of hand-painted elements, inspired by nature. This would be sure to make Daphne Bridgerton jealous herself.

Gold accents

Every scene in the series includes decorative gold elements. Gold evokes class, elegance and affluence in interiors. If you’re not ready to make big changes to your home you can simply introduce some minimal Regency-style elements to your current decor.

Incorporating gold and brass with home accessories is a great way to create a Bridgerton feel in your home without committing to a huge investment.

Side tables and coffee tables are a wonderful solution to inject gold accents into any space. An example is The Luxury Italian Designer Oval Side Table. Shown here in an antique ivory finish with hand-painted gold detailing accentuating the design of the ornate frame structure, enhancing the beauty of the intricate carvings.

Luxe textiles

Recreate the decadent feel in your lounge with upholstered furniture pieces and plush, pretty fabrics to nail the Bridgerton look. Satin and velvet look extra enticing and take luxury to a whole new level.

We can imagine Lady Whistledown writing her social pamphlets sitting on our Classic Designer Italian Antiqued Occasional Armchair. Padded and upholstered in a beautiful striped, floral fabric, this chair adds romantic flair to any room. 

Our velvet pick is definitely The High-End Designer Italian Chaise Longue. Shown here in a delicate powder blue velvet with an antiqued silver-finished frame. 

Traditionally used for wall coverings and upholstery, Damask is a great option to help you achieve the Regency look in your home. A modern use of this beautiful fabric is in home accessories and lighting.

The Golden Damask Crystal Pendant Chandelier would look amazing in modern interiors. Its beautifully crafted structure includes curved arms that elegantly hold fifteen candles, complete with golden damask leaf detail lampshades.

Floral charm

The beauty of the Regency style is that it embraces a wide range of different patterns, including floral. Using detailed designs and patterns adds personality to your interior. Floral wallpaper or upholstery are key elements of the Recency decor and are versatile enough to feature in any room. 

Wallpaper ‘Portobello’ in standard design colours on Electrum gilded paper by Degournay

Lighting grandeur

No Bridgerton-inspired home would be complete without an impressive chandelier. Compared to modern lighting, Regency-style lights create a sense of elegance and a nostalgic feel, giving your room a unique character. 

Our favourite is The Classic Italian Crystal Designer Chandelier. This spectacular chandelier provides a sophisticated and superbly glamorous focus. Browse our luxury chandelier collection to get inspired and find the perfect fit.

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