7 Under The Stairs Ideas

We love our under the stairs spaces. Cosy, intimate spaces with just enough room for one or two. Another in our series of Lockdown Living posts, this week we are looking at innovative ways to make the most of this oft-forgotten space. Some of these are quick and simple mini projects, others may require the expertise of a builder, joiner or plumber. Even if you can’t get the work done straight away, now is a good time to think ahead and start planning. So, let’s get creative under the stairs.

Under the Stairs Relaxation Space

No matter how many rooms you have in your home, there is something special about the space under the stairs. It’s cosy, it’s contained and it’s like another room in its own right. It is the perfect place to spend some me-time. This under the stairs idea needs no construction, all you need is a super-comfortable chair or two, or maybe a compact sofa. Add a side table and a spot of lighting and you’re all set. Use it as a space to wind down, to read, to hold your zoom meetings or simply to escape.

Under the Stairs Office

You may remember we started our Lockdown Living series with hints and tips on working effectively at home. With so many of us now working from home (and possibly even enjoying it), maybe it’s time you considered a permanent or an extra office space. We think under the stairs is an ideal place to work. In fact, some of the Juliettes team are doing it right now. Choose from hand-crafted luxury desks and furniture or a bespoke, built-in office. Your choice will probably depend upon the space you have, the style you are looking for and exactly how your home office needs to work for you. Take a look at some of the stunning styles below and take it from there.

The Perfect Display Space

You may prefer a more minimal use of your under stairs space. Style it with a simple console table, sideboard or set of gorgeous shelves, then add just a few carefully-chosen accessories and you will have a space that is subtle yet glamorous. Use it to show your taste and personality.

under the stairs, London Collection Modern Aged Oak Veneer Large Book Shelf

An Exquisite Powder Room

under the stairs, powder room with embossed clear glass basins, gold tap with crystal handles
Bespoke interior design by Juliettes Interiors

We are sure most of our readers already have a downstairs loo/bathroom – call it what you will. But we’re not talking about any ordinary bathroom. We are talking about a spectacular, ultra-luxe powder room for your guests. Luxury bathroom furniture, marble tops, stunning wall coverings, designer lighting and beautiful flooring – all combined to create a little piece of paradise. Obviously, this is not going to be a weekend DIY project. Such a small space needs very careful planning, which is where an interior designer comes in. They will help you make the most of your space, sourcing the most divine bathroom furniture and accessories. Our design team is still hard at work during lockdown, creating innovative, inspired designs for our clients. Just give us a call to book an online consultation.

Space for a Bar

Luxury High End Italian Cocktail Bar 

Wouldn’t we all just love to have a bar at home? Well, under the stairs is a great little space to enjoy a cocktail or two. From a contemporary gin trolley or cocktail cabinet to a free-standing designer bar or a fully bespoke, built in bar, we think this is a great use of space. Obviously, you need room around it for guests to circulate, so it’s no good for a narrow hallway. But if you have plenty of room, go for it. Your guests will love it.

A Stunning Under the Stairs Wine Cellar

under stairs wine cellar with glass doors
Every wine cellar is individual and unique

A good wine cellar is truly lustworthy. The good news is, you don’t need an actual cellar, and the space under the stairs can be ideal. We don’t offer any off-the-peg solutions as we believe there are too many things to take into consideration. Instead, we work with specialists to create one-off, bespoke designs to fit your individual space, style and wine collection. We plan everything from scratch so that all your wines are kept in perfect condition. Call us to find out more.

A Music Room Under the Stairs

This may be a little bit niche (if you’ll pardon the pun) but we love the idea of having a baby grand piano under the stairs. For one thing, the acoustics would be amazing – just imagine the sound floating effortlessly upwards. Of course, it will only work in a large, open space with a good head height. We don’t mean that anyone should squash a piano into an under stairs cupboard! It won’t be suitable for every home but if you have the space – and an accomplished pianist – why wouldn’t you? It really is the height of luxury.

ornate staircase with baby grand piano
Image © Euro Pianos

How Else to Use the Space?

There are so many other ways to use the space under the stairs, from a simple daybed to storage space, a playroom or even a funky ball pit. If you have more than one staircase, you could have one elegant, understated under-stairs space, then convert another into a fun play area for your children. If you have regular guests or teenagers, how about having a butler’s pantry – perfect for midnight feasts or early morning coffees. How will you use your space under the stairs? Do please share your ideas with us. Post-Lockdown, we would love to put together a post with all your ideas, plans and lockdown projects. Enjoy the challenge!

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