Luxury lighting

Luxury lighting in the home is much more than just illuminating a space. Well-chosen light fixtures can bring a genuine sense of elegance to a space. 

We all want to bring attention to the rooms in our homes where we spend more time and that are the most important to us. Improving a room with spectacular lighting fixtures can really improve the look and the feel of your home.

Different lights can create a variety of themes and styles, ranging from colourful lighting in the kitchen to opulent chandeliers and striking wall lights in the living room.

A beautifully designed room cannot be appreciated in the dark. For instance, lighting is one of the most important aspects of a room. It affects how everything else looks, from the wall colour to the furniture to the flooring.

That’s why it’s crucial to start planning your lighting design early and think about all of the light sources you’ll need.

Are you ready to beautify your home? Discover how to improve the space with luxury lighting.

For additional tips and inspiration, don’t miss out on our Top 10 Lighting ideas to elevate your home.

Oversized lighting

Large lighting fixtures including giant pendants, statement flush mounts, and dramatic wall lights are one of the hottest lighting trends at the moment. An oversized source of lighting surely brings a sense of grandeur and magnificence to any style.

When investing in a chandelier make sure you choose a size that is big enough to make a striking impact in the room. Nobody wants a small chandelier that gets lost within the space and does not bring added value to your interior.

Lamps are generally used to create a cosy feel in a room or to highlight a specific area or corner. However, the latest interior design trends, have shown how oversized lamps are progressively replacing ceiling lights.  

A light that arches above the seating area is a terrific way to add some luxury and style to any living room.

Timeless chandeliers

Some lighting designs are considered eternal classics, and nothing epitomises this more than a magnificent and elaborate chandelier. Grand halls and mansions all over the world have big chandeliers for a reason.

They are one of the most elegant light fixtures that truly complement luxurious interiors. In the living room where people gather and sit around, a luxurious and distinctive chandelier often becomes a conversation starter.

The right chandelier can bring the room’s design together and complement the entire space and decor.

As a side tip: if this is also where you watch TV, buy a dimmable fixture to ensure a better screening time.

Sculptural lighting

Sculptural lighting fixtures are in high demand at the moment. These lights are aesthetically striking and functional at the same time. They can be utilised as bedroom lighting or in living areas to instantly bring luxury to the home.

Whether you have a sleek modern design or a traditional theme in your home, these lighting sculptures will blend in seamlessly and elevate your home decor.

Gleaming metals

Several lighting fixtures have rich metal finishes that make them extremely luxurious. Warm brass is a very popular lighting choice because of its ability to add warmth to a room. The gold finish of this metal is rich and adds focal accents within the space that creates visual interest.

Chrome is the perfect choice for modern and industrial-inspired interiors and is also extremely versatile.

The cold silver metal is fantastic in most modern settings and blends seamlessly with most styles, materials and surfaces.

Many designers don’t feel using gold and silver in the same room works, but it’s a perfectly blendable combination and looks beautiful when done well.

Art Deco lights

Art Deco is all about luxury and timeless glamour. The materials of the 20’s era are rich, opulent and evoke a sense of elegance and charming nostalgia.

Nowadays, Art Deco lighting styles are reinterpreted for today’s interiors with geometric shapes, multifaceted crystal glass and metallic elements.

Our smoky crystal glass chandelier boasts four tiers of reflective glass that brings a spectacular sparkle to any room.

Modern luxury

If you want to add an element of surprise, modern lighting fixtures are perfect to give an unexpected touch to any room decor.

Contrarily to what most people think, adding a modern chandelier to classic decor, will freshen up the space and the room aesthetic. That is to say that modern lighting fixtures make a unique statement, enhance your existing design, and brighten up your interior compared to traditional lighting.

Layering Luxury Lighting

Layering is key to creating the ambience you are trying to achieve, whether is cosy and homey or bright and practical. Most rooms in your house are likely to fulfil different functions, so consider everything you do in each one. Reading, relaxing, cooking, eating, are all activities that we all engage in on a regular basis.

Modern Circular Crystal Chandelier

In most modern homes, lighting must be adaptable. Bright enough to do a crossword puzzle or do some cooking, yet dim enough to relax at the end of the day.

Having a dimmer switch installed is not enough to create the right lighting in your home. Using a well-thought-out combination of ceiling pendants and wall lights allows you to adjust the light to your mood.

Luxury Interior Design Service

Discover our extensive lighting collection so make sure you check out the full luxury lighting range before making any decisions. Remember, we offer a range of interior design services. Whether you are starting from scratch or need help to incorporate new luxury lighting into an existing design, we are here to help.

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