Top Ten Lighting Ideas that will elevate your home

Choosing the right combination of lighting for your home can take the space from ordinary to an extraordinary transformation. We have carefully selected the top ten lighting ideas to help you elevate your home and improve your living space.

An in-depth lighting design turns a scheme from dark and dingy to cozy and welcoming with the flick of a switch. For instance, choosing the perfect lighting fixtures can improve a room, help you live better, or even create a showstopping entrance.

Achieving the optimum lighting tends to be overlooked unless you use a lighting designer. However, you can easily make these decisions yourself with a few directions.

From timeless Art Deco lamps to modern shapes and layout solutions, here are the best ways to enlighten your home. So what type of lighting should you use and where?

1. Layer the lighting

When it comes to lighting, layering is the key to any successful scheme. Instead of choosing a single pendant light, combine ceiling fixtures with a floor lamp to create a warm glow and ambience. Layer lights in the main living areas, so when natural light fades later in the day, you maintain a relaxing atmosphere in the evening. In areas where you work and cook, you want to go for stronger lights to help you concentrate on your tasks.

2. Accent Lighs

These are lights that draw attention to specific areas of a room. This could be above paintings, near a console table, or next to occasional chairs where you might stop to read. Accents wall lights are perfect beside a bed if you like to have a soft light for the evening.

Wall lights are also ideal in living room areas as they create a peaceful atmosphere when winding down. Distributing accents throughout the space is one of our favourite top ten lighting ideas because it creates an intimate atmosphere.

3. Go bold with Brass Metal 

The beauty of gleaming brass metal, when paired with a light source, is truly unmatched. Brassy finishes bring beautiful warmth whilst being glamourous and last the test of time.

Brass lighting comes in a variety of designs and works well with contemporary and industrial styles as well as vintage designs.

4. Sparkle with a Crystal Chandelier

A large, dramatic crystal pendant is a worthwhile investment to create a statement in your home.
From vintage chandeliers with intricate layered tiers and crystal galore to modern industrial designs, a centrepiece adds unique character to interiors.

Combining glass and brass to frame a dining table or illuminate a luxe living room will undoubtedly elevate the room.

5. Orb Lighting

Orb lighting is an easy way to bring your interior up to date. Evoke the funky 70s with a cylindrical structure base in a satin brass finish and spherical bulb lights. Pair it with a complementary floor lamp to carry the curvaceous aesthetic throughout your living space.

6. Add Art Deco Lighting for retro charm

The perfect addition to any room, Art Deco-Style lighting is a great way to inject instant personality into a lackluster living space. With their warm gold hues and architectural curves and elements. Deco lights are the epitome of superior design.

7. Choose a timeless Glass pendant lighting

For an elegant and sophisticated scheme, you can’t beat hand-crafted light pendants. They will never date out in style and the choices are boundless, from atmospheric smoked glass to seductive sculptural shapes.

8. Make a statement with a Floor Lamp

A statement floor lamp doesn’t need to be intricate or particularly decorative to be effective as living room lighting. Go for a streamlined design and a lavish metallic finish. Choosing a minimalistic floor lamp with a sleek metal frame will help elevate any living room design. Simple and stunning.

9. Overhead cluster 

If you want to add an audacious touch to your home, then overhead cluster lighting will definitely wow your guests. Clustering lights together can turn even the most boring interior into a striking focal point, creating an irresistible glow. Group your lights in different levels to create visual interest and sculptural aesthetic. Creating a cluster of lights over a dining table or in a staircase will make the space feel grand and luxurious.

10. Invest in a table lamp for your reading corner

Last but not least, make sure you have an excellent lamp for your favourite reading spot. You need enough brightness to read comfortably, therefore opting for a grand lamp design is totally worth it.

Ideally, your reading light should be adjustable so that you can direct light to your page at the best angle.
Try to choose a lamp that is both practical and stylish, useful and beautiful.

What do you think of our top ten lighting ideas to elevate your home? Leave a reply below, we would love to hear from you!

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