NEW Luxe Collection

We know we’ve kept you waiting for this new collection of luxury furniture but, well, it’s been one of those years. And it’s certainly worth the wait. We are delighted to finally announce the launch of our new Luxe Collection, now on display in our Chelsea showroom, in a magnificently moody and decadent room setting. To see it in its full glory, take a virtual tour of the showroom. The Luxe Collection is on the ground floor, back left. Better still, make an appointment to come in and see us if you can.

A VIP Visit

We had been hoping to launch this beautiful new collection with champagne, caviar and a small party at our showroom, giving you the chance to experience the glamour and fine detail of these stunning pieces. Even though we can’t do that for a while, we were thrilled to welcome VIP visitor and online interiors afficionado Em Sheldon to the showroom last week for a private, one-to-one viewing of all our collections. Anyone who follows Em will know that she is just buying her first house in London. Having seen our recent Onslow Gardens and Windsor interior design projects, she was keen to come along for a spot of interior design inspiration. We would describe Em’s style as luxurious, fresh and vibrant, so the new Luxe Collection may have been a little extravagant for her tastes, but she was surprised to find out that everything can be customised to suit her own tastes – and to fit her new home perfectly.

She had such fun on the day. Click on her video below to see how she got on (or pop on over to her Emshelx YouTube channel). If you want to skip to the showroom visit, it’s from 2m 50s – 9m 25s, then again from 12m – 14m (with the unfortunate arrival of an unwanted visitor in between). However, if you have the time, sit back and watch the whole thing from beginning to end. Thanks, Em, for taking the time to share your day.

Em Sheldon with Juliette, showroom visit

A New Collection with Opulence at its Heart

So, when we say Luxe, that is only the beginning of the story. The new Luxe Collection is one of the most opulent ranges we have ever released. Everything about it is sumptuous, decadent and absolutely stunning. At the same time, it is refined and graceful, combining indulgence with elegance – and the odd hint of Art Deco styling. So, what can you expect to find in this fabulous new collection?

New Collection Velvet and Satin

Surely two of the most luxurious, sumptuous fabrics in interior design? The Luxe Collection uses rich, tactile velvets with smooth, sleek satins to create striking, statement pieces. Colours range from classic, muted neutrals to bold, eye-catching jewel tones, deep blues, forest greens and bold, earthy russets. To add more of an Art Deco feel, go for dark blues and blacks, with accents of gold. How far you go is up to you.

Luxe Collection, Designer Velvet And Satin Interlaced Luxury Bed


No truly opulent interior would be complete without elements of gold. This new collection includes bright gleaming gold, polished and brushed brass finishes and, of course, plenty of lavish gold leaf. Choose the finish that’s right for you, whether that is bold and bright or elegant and understated.

Exclusive Swarovski Crystal Orchid Gold Leaf Sideboard


There is always something very special about marble. As a natural material, no two pieces are ever the same, making each piece of luxury marble furniture unique. The new Luxe Collection sees innovative marble designs on coffee tables, cabinetry and even lighting. We have used a beautiful, lightly-veined white marble here but you may prefer a dramatic black marble for a completely different look. The choice is yours.

Exclusive Marble Art Deco Inspired Contemporary Cabinet
New Luxe Collection, Contemporary Marble Gold Walnut Veneer Oval Designer Coffee Table


Always seen as a sign of opulence, high gloss lacquers have always had a place in high end homes. The new Luxe Collection has lacquers in abundance, whether it’s just a hint of glamour on a chair leg, an accent on a coffee table or full on, high gloss lacquer on a desk or console table. Although we have used a lot of black here, you can specify any RAL lacquer from a range of over 160 colours to create your own, personalised set of luxury furniture.

new Luxe Collection, High End Art Deco Reproduction Designer Console Table
new Luxe Collection, Art Deco Inspired Luxury Designer Two-Tone Dining Chair

Wood with Character

You may not associate wood with glamour but you would be wrong. This new collection pairs decadent golds, lacquers and marbles with fabulous wood finishes, chosen not only for their warmth but also their striking appearance. The deep veining of royal ebony or the playful whorls of walnut add a fantastic contrast to the sleek lines of the more opulent materials to create a range of fabulous, statement pieces.

new Luxe Collection, High End Ebony Veneer Designer Console Table
new Luxe Collection, Exclusive Gold Leaf Gradient Designer Sideboard
new Luxe Collection, Contemporary Marble Gold Walnut Veneer Oval Designer Coffee Table

Bespoke Blinds by ShuttersUp

As you can see, our new Luxe Collection showroom display is purposely dark, moody and sultry. This gave us a bit of a problem when it came to the window dressing. We wanted shutters that would blend seamlessly into the design. Bespoke was our only option and we were delighted to find local specialists ShuttersUp. Their experience and skill meant they worked with us every step of the way to create a set of perfect, bespoke, matt black shutters. They enhance the rich, opulent feel of the room and we love them. Our thanks to the ShuttersUp team.


No new collection would be complete without lighting. We always say that lighting should never be an afterthought. And with a range of luxury lighting like this, it never will be. From a statement chandelier to floor lamps, wall lights, table lamps and even mirrors with concealed lighting, you’ll find the same lacquers, golds and intricate detailing as the rest of the collection.

new collection, Luxe, Statement Contemporary Designer Gold Plated Chandelier
new Luxe Collection, High End Large Designer Geometric Multi Layered Wall Mirror with LED

Customise Your Own New Collection

For our new showroom display, we have chosen deep, dark shades of blue and black with accents of gold and yellow. However, as you know, all our luxury furniture can be customised from an extensive library of fabrics and finishes. This gives you the opportunity to create your very own new collection. Talk to our interior design team about fabrics, colours, sizes and finishes to find out just how easy it is. We are only a call, LiveChat or email away so get in touch.

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