Sculptural lighting that instantly transforms your home

Sculptural lighting instantly transforms your home. If you’re tired of traditional, unoriginal light fixtures, sculptural lighting is the perfect modern touch for your space: adding wow factor and aesthetic to your interior. 

When you think of sculptural lighting, you immediately think of something grand, majestic with an impeccable design. This particular type of light fixture has been specifically sculpted to create different design shapes. Think of it as art and lighting interlinking to create a visually stunning illumination in your home.

Commonly found in hotels, restaurants and halls, sculptural chandeliers have become hugely popular in homes.

A grand chandelier in your living room or over a dining table will undoubtedly bring added elegance to your space.

If you are attracted to the possibility of investing in sculptural lighting, keep in mind that it requires a bigger budget compared to more traditional lights. This is due to the fact that price is determined by a variety of factors, including the fixture’s originality, materials, production process and rarity. Additionally, sculptural lights are often handmade, creating a higher price point for what is certainly a premium product that falls under the definition of luxury lighting

Sculptural lighting has a multitude of marvellous elements. Its unparalleled detail provides a stunning visual focus, which is capable of elevating any interior space. A truly artistic creation that can be crafted to match the unique elements of your own home, sculptural lighting deviates from traditional lighting in so many ways that it is a surefire way to stand out from the crowd.

If you’re intrigued by the flamboyance of sculptural lighting but don’t know where to start, read on below for everything you need to know about how sculptural lighting instantly transforms your home.

Make a statement in your living room

Lights with sculptural shapes and bold designs turn lighting into pieces of art, serving as a point of interest, even when they are turned off.

Sculptural chandeliers look extremely elegant over the sofa area in your living room and give the ambience of a prestigious art gallery. This is wonderfully illustrated by The Exclusive Floating Feather Chandelier.

This unconventional design provides infinite sophistication, whilst serving as a superbly glamorous focus point in any room.

Artful bedroom

Artful ceiling lights can transform a bedroom into a five-star hotel suite. The post-pandemic world has led to a trend for creating spaces to relax and unwind in. Atmosphere is key, with lighting helping to set the tone for your surroundings. For instance, lighting for bedrooms has become crucial, with eye-catching ceiling pendants serving as focal points, even when unlit.

The Exclusive Amber Crystal Ceiling Light is beautiful as a standalone piece or as a pair on each side of the bed, as shown here. The combination of glittering crystal and golden amber gives rise to a flaming swarm, which will imbue a room with sparkling energy. 

Stairwell grandeur

Stairwells are the perfect place for something a bit more snazzy when it comes to lighting. The extra height and vertical space make it the ideal spot for multi-drop pendants or waterfall chandeliers. This will instantly add grandeur in the hall, and whilst ascending or descending the stairwell. 

Stairway lighting will enhance the overall look of the space whilst adding unique personality to the entrance hall. If you’re looking to brighten up the staircase, create a focal point with our Modern Burst Stairwell Chandelier. This is a wonderful sculptural light inspired by the universe, creating a brilliant and energetic display.

Dining room wow-factor

Hanging a sculptural chandelier over the dining table draws the eye to the main area within the room, the table. This applies to both large and small dining rooms.

If you are looking for a captivating piece, The Exclusive Floating Leaf Chandelier will make you look no further.
A wonderful sculptural light inspired by the ever-changing seasons of nature, creating a special setting that enhances your table area.

Cluster lights in a tall kitchen

Kitchen lighting ideas are an important part of any successful design scheme. Functional and aesthetic illuminations are particularly important in a space that is used for entertaining guests as well as cooking. 

Apart from its key function, lighting can have a transformative effect on your kitchen design. From enhancing the feel of the space to making it appear bigger, lighting should not be underestimated when it comes to your kitchen.

This is important if you have a kitchen with high ceilings, where the light gets easily dispersed across the room. In fact, you may want to consider adding additional lighting at eye level. A perfect solution is to use a cluster of lights, layered at different heights to create visual harmony, as well as providing extra light in the scheme.

Luxury lighting experts

Discover our extensive lighting collection by checking out the full luxury lighting range before making any decisions. Remember, we offer a range of interior design services. If you need help incorporating sculptural lighting that instantly transforms your home, we are here to help.

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