Bedroom Trends 2020

What bedroom trends are up and coming this season? We have got together with one of our favourite interiors bloggers – Alison Gibb of The Great Scottish Indoors – to find out her favourite bedroom trend. We’ve also put together our own mood board based around the beautiful bedroom below. Then you’ll find a rundown of the year’s top bedroom trends. So take 5 minutes, sit back and relax, and decide whether any of these trends will make it into your bedroom any time soon.

Bedroom Trends 2020, luxury bedroom set, chocolate brown velvet bed, taupe chair

Mixed Metallics with The Great Scottish Indoors

Alison Gibb (you may remember she came along to our First Interior Design Course last year) has chosen Mixed Metallics as her preferred Bedroom Trend. Centred around a sleek metal bed frame, soft golds and brushed brass are teamed with soft pink walls, a spectacular gold wall covering, and rich, deep bed linens. Everything in her dream bedroom design is harmonious and luxurious without being ostentatious. Just what you need for a perfect night’s sleep – and right on trend. Hop on over to The Great Scottish Indoors blog for the full story.

A Luxe Retreat with Juliettes Interiors

For our Bedroom Trend, we’ve gone for a Luxe Retreat with a hotel vibe (combined with a monochromatic colour scheme in earthy, natural tones – keep reading and you’ll see why). Bedrooms are no longer just a place to sleep. These days, your bedroom is also a personal sanctuary – somewhere to escape the rigours of daily life. We’re taking our inspiration from luxury 5 star hotel rooms with their flawless finishes, sumptuous linens and unashamed comfort. As you can see, we’ve embraced a deep chocolate and dark taupe theme with accents of subtle gold and gold leaf.

Starting with a Luxury Bed

Bedroom Trends, Luxurious Italian Faux Nubuck Leather Designer Bed

The bed we’ve chosen makes a glorious centrepiece. Upholstered in a luscious chocolate faux nubuck with quilted detail and smooth curves, it cocoons you in layers of luxury and comfort. This bed is part of a full bedroom set, including bedside tables, a desk or dressing table, chairs and mirrors. We, however, have chosen to lighten the feel with more delicate bedside tables and gorgeous lighting. We are still looking at natural tones and materials, just in paler, creamy shades. Keep scrolling to shop the whole look.

Modern Designer Round Leather Bedside Cabinet

Adding Warmth

Luxury Suede Effect Fabric Wall Panel

You’ll also notice that the bedroom at the top of the post has stunning marble floors and walls. Well, beautiful as they are, this is the UK and sometimes we just need a bit more warmth. So we’ve picked out this wonderfully tactile, suede-effect wall panel. Shown here in a gorgeous truffle shade, you could go lighter or darker depending on the mood you want to create.

Bedroom Trends to look out for

So Alison has gone for Mixing Metals, and we have chosen a Luxe Retreat as our favourite bedroom trend, but what else should we all be looking out for when we come to refurbish our bedrooms?

Earthy, Natural Tones

Bedroom Trends, Designer Italian Quilted Bedside Cabinet With Crystal Details

This is not just a bedroom trend. Throughout our homes, we are taking inspiration from nature and the world around us. Think of earthy browns, vibrant russets and forest greens with warm neutrals, splashes of ochre and plenty of plants. Blues are still popular but they have become deeper and more muted, with dusky, moody blues coming to the fore.

Large Scale Headboards

bedroom trends, Luxury Designer Italian Bed With Wide Headboard

We are loving this bedroom trend. It links in with the luxury hotel idea from earlier. Headboards have come of age and are providing a fantastic focal point. Super-wide, imposingly tall, or both, headboards are set to make a real statement this year. We’re seeing a lot of vertical quilting, gorgeous tactile fabrics and warm wood finishes. If you have the space and the ceiling height, bigger is most definitely better.


interior design trends 2020, luxurious brown faux fur throw

Again, this trend is not just for bedrooms. Whether you are looking at bed linens, throws, cushions, rugs, upholstery or wallcoverings, you should be choosing a variety of textures to create interest and warmth. Thick knits, rich velvets or cool cottons. Tactile linens, faux fur or smooth silks. As well as beautiful bedding and upholstery, use a few carefully-chosen statement pieces such as cushions and throws to add extra layers of texture.

Monochromatic Colour Schemes

Images © Dulux

This doesn’t have to mean black and white. Just take a statement colour and work with shades and tones within that palette. Deep, comforting colours are increasingly on-trend, with moody blues, earthy browns and forest greens becoming very popular. We chose a soothing palette based around a deep chocolate brown. To this we added lighter, truffle shades, right the way through to a pale white chocolate. Use clever lighting, mirrors and warm neutral shades along with darker shades to keep a feeling of light and space.

Something Old, Something New

Bedroom Trends, old and new, vintage camera, book, typewriter and marbles
Image © RosieLea

This is a trend we think you need to be very careful with. We’re talking about combining new, ultra modern luxury furniture with vintage finds and souvenirs. It takes skill to get the balance right and to stop things becoming cluttered. If it’s a bedroom trend that takes your fancy, choose your souvenirs carefully. Set them out in two or three small groupings – and be prepared to experiment to see where they work best. Do not overdo it.

High Tech Bedrooms

bedroom trends, high tech, Philips sunrise alarm clock
Image © Philips

We’ve written many times about the importance of sleep and avoiding tech at bedtime. This bedroom trend is not about laptops, mobile phones or TVs in your bedroom. It is more about taking things easy and letting the tech do the work for you. So, think of voice activated lighting and music. Mood lighting can be used to create different atmospheres for different times of day. One of our favourites is a sunlight alarm clock to wake you gently and naturally – alert and refreshed, ready to face the day.

Shop the Look

Create Your Own Sanctuary

Of course, your bedroom is your sanctuary so don’t feel that you have to slavishly follow bedroom trends. If you want to be surrounded by fuchsia pink, go for it. If you need a little help to bring your ideas together, remember we have a talented interior design team who can help with anything from one single piece of luxury furniture right through to a complete interior design scheme. All it takes is a phone call to discuss what you have in mind. Or you may prefer to pop into our Chelsea showroom to talk face to face. You’ll also have the opportunity to see and feel the exquisite quality of our furniture. So, when you’re ready to start planning your next bedroom project, we look forward to chatting it through with you.

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