How billionaires decorate their homes

Want to make your home look even more luxurious? This week, we are looking at how billionaires decorate their homes to give your home an extra classy feel.

With money not an object when decorating their homes, billionaires can splash out on luxury interior design services and furniture. Their homes offer superb, timeless and luxuriously-appointed spaces filled with charming character.

From Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and Rihanna to Elon Musk, we had a look into their homes to identify the key elements and choices of interior design.

The one per cent whose net worth equals the GDP of an entire (small) country have very clear ideas on how their homes should be laid out. Let’s take a look at the main features that the world’s top earners focus on when decorating their palatial mansions or swanky properties.

Neutral colours

Using neutral and earthy tones allows you to add an indulgent dose of luxury to your home. This is how most billionaires decorate their homes, as they don’t want extravagant colours to detract from the overall grandeur of their home.

Shades of soft ivory, pure beige and soft grey combine to create a classic background for almost any billionaires’ colour scheme. Grey is undoubtedly the perfect colour for anybody wishing to inject a splash of understated luxury into a home.

When decorating with neutral colours, it is important to bring in a variety of patterns and textures. Through this, depth and a sense of sophistication is created. The use of rich fabrics, luxury textures, and precious materials will certainly make the room an extra-enticing space.

Customised furniture for a balanced interior

The homes of the ultra-wealthy are unique to the individual. They are obsessed with customised items that are crafted to their often highly-specific and detailed requirements. From bespoke joinery to specific design requests, everything needs to be emblazoned with their own personal touch and flair.

For high-end interiors, achieving the right balance between furniture and space is crucial. Everything needs to fit harmoniously within the room if you want your home to have an ambience fit for royalty. In other words, employing an interior designer is essential. Expert designers have a knack for attention to detail and are masterminds in making sure everything fits perfectly in a specific space.

Spectacular lighting

We often stress the importance of how Luxury Lighting in the home is much more than just illuminating a space. In fact, well-chosen light fixtures can bring a genuine sense of elegance to a space that may otherwise be dull and drab.

When you think of a really impressive room, a lot of it comes down to the lighting. For instance, celebrities often incorporate magnificent chandeliers into their homes to bring grandeur to a refined, well-dressed room. It’s no secret that the homes of the super-rich feature an interesting variety of lighting to help wow their guests and give a room an extra-luxurious feel.

Sculptural forms

Billionaires also like to incorporate sculptural furniture and accessories that would not look out of place in the Louvre or Musée d’Orsay.

Organic curves, geometric shapes and natural materials like glass, stone and metal all contribute to a unique sculptural feel. Jaw-dropping chandeliers and furniture pieces boasting unique silhouettes are a must in every billionaire’s home.

Open-plan spaces for socialising

When we try to imagine the inside of a luxurious, decadent home, we instantly think of open-plan spaces and grand hallways. And rightly so.

Contemporary Italian Designer Swarovski Crystal Geometric Chandelier

Space is no limit for the super-rich. Considering they love to host lavish parties and gatherings as if they were preparing for an in-house sequel to The Wolf of Wall Street, open-plan solutions are often their preference. Grand living rooms, kitchen islands and luxury home bars astutely enhance this experience of extraordinary living.

Luxury surfaces and textures

Layering luxury surfaces and textures is the new status symbol; the more striking the surfaces, the bigger the luxury status.

One way to make your home appear rich and luxurious is to make sure you’re incorporating a variety of materials such as marble and natural stone. Wooden furniture pieces with rich, dark finishes, such as walnut and mahogany deliver classic looks and timeless style. Every detail and material helps to reinforce a sense of refined luxury.

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