Large Venetian Floor Mirror

The Large Venetian Floor Mirror, this large Venetian style mirror provides the illusion of light and space as well as a luxurious focus. This gorgeous mirror can be hung landscape or portrait, offering two dramatically different effects.  Overall size for the mirror shown here is height 178 cm x width 99 cm, frame depth 20 cm. … Continued

Contemporary Large Floor Standing Venetian Smoked Glass Mirror

The Contemporary Large Floor Standing Venetian Smoked Glass Mirror is striking in any setting. A stunning statement addition to any room in the house. Truly versatile, floor standing as pictured but could also be wall mounted landscape or portrait for two dramatically different effects. Ideal for a hallway or luxurious modern bedroom. A fabulous clear … Continued

Luxury mirrors – The hottest shapes & styles

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, what are the best luxury mirrors of them all?  With their premium materials, unparalleled design and unique features, luxury mirrors provide a stunning focal point, making them capable of complementing the beauty of any interior. Mirrors are both functional and decorative, and play a major role in a space’s overall … Continued

Top 10 Large Mirrors & Full Length Mirrors

A beautiful, full length mirror is not just for seeing how gorgeous you look. A large mirror will also increase the feeling of light and space in any interior design, as well as reflecting and showing off how fabulous every other item of luxury furniture in your room looks. This week, we have chosen 10 … Continued

Floor Mirrors for the Trade Market

Wholesale Floor Mirrors for the Trade Market “Our large dressing mirrors are impressive statement pieces, encompassing contemporary, classic and traditional designs. At Juliettes Interiors, our luxury and designer mirrors exude priceless luxury, and add glamour to your high end interior finish.” Exclusive High End Wholesale Floor Mirrors All of our floor mirrors are now available at trade prices, even for … Continued

Large Venetian Crystal Panelled Mirror

Large Venetian Crystal Panelled Mirror. This large Venetian style mirror provides light and space as well as a luxuriant atmosphere. Detailed with a 9mm inset of crystals adding a glamorous sparkle to your interior design. This elegant mirror is available made-to-measure to fit a particular space and can be both floor and wall standing. A versatile design … Continued

Large Venetian Style Sectional Mirror

Large Venetian Style Sectional Mirror. This large Venetian-style mirror provides light and space as well as a luxuriant atmosphere to your interior design. This elegant mirror is available made to measure to fit a particular space. The frame depth can also be adjusted to customised requirements and also the type of antique finish can vary … Continued

Be the Perfect Host

With holidays well and truly here, you may well be preparing for any number of visitors. Whether you’re expecting one guest or a dozen, a little bit of planning and forward thinking can make it something to be enjoyed rather than endured (by both you and your guests). Try to think of everything from your … Continued

6 Top Interior Styling Tips for Homeowners & Designers

Creating a luxurious-feeling interior is a goal shared by anyone seeking to infuse a living space with elegance, comfort, and style. But achieving opulence doesn’t always demand a bottomless pot of gold. In fact, it’s more about thoughtful design, attention to detail, and making the most of your resources. Read on for our six top … Continued

Make a Statement with Furniture

Today we are taking a look at those stunning, statement pieces that every home needs. Luxury furniture that stands out, turns heads and expresses your individuality. We don’t want anything that blends quietly into the background. Statement furniture is big, bold and beautiful – but this doesn’t mean brash. It will always draw the eye, … Continued

Impress the Guests – Living Room

Are you hoping to impress your guests this Christmas with a fabulous new living room? Well, there’s no time to lose. Truly impressive, luxury furniture and designer accessories take time to create. Here at Juliettes Interiors, all our designer furniture is hand crafted and made specially to order. Every piece we create is perfect down … Continued

Focus on Finishes

If you have spent any time looking at the beautiful products on our website, you will already know that one of the most exciting things about almost every item of luxury furniture at Juliette’s Interiors is that it can be customised. For designer sofas, luxury chairs, exclusive wardrobes, a chaise longue, dining table, luxury bed … Continued